John Birney

John Birney

John Birney

Former Senior Associate Director of Admissions for Selection & Constituent Relations at Johns Hopkins
Former Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management at Wofford College
Former Senior Enrollment Associate at University of Lynchburg

13 Years in Johns Hopkins University Admissions
7 Years in Wofford College Admissions
5 Years at Lynchburg College
75,000+ Applications Read and Evaluated

Mr. Birney earned his Bachelor’s Degree in history and his Master’s Degree in Education from Lynchburg College, now the University of Lynchburg. Like many admission professionals, John began his higher education career at his alma mater where he focused his efforts on students from the Mid-Atlantic region, athletic recruitment, and building strong personal relationships with his families. In his role as Senior Associate Director of Admissions and Selection at Johns Hopkins University, John evaluated and had final authority on admissions decisions on all applicants to the Whiting School of Engineering and the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. He also worked to recruit and evaluate applications from all student-athletes in both their Division I and III programs. In addition, Mr. Birney was responsible for all merit scholarship reviews, and was responsible for the office’s public relations efforts, working with over 30,000 students and families annually to help ensure a successful college visit. John’s 25 years of admissions and selection experience at selective and highly selective colleges culminated as the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management at Wofford College, Spartanburg, South Carolina. Mr. Birney was responsible for implementing the recruitment and admission decisions for all undergraduate, international, and transfer students, allocation of need, and merit-based scholarships and financial aid. Additionally, Mr. Birney was fully responsible for the Admission and Financial Aid Office’s communication plans, marketing, and event planning.
25 years of enrollment experience has allowed John to understand the nuances of application review, rendering admission decisions, student positioning, and leveraging admission decisions to secure enrollment targets. John is well versed in strategic planning, athletic admission, financial aid and scholarships, and most importantly, building relationships with families to secure a favorable admission outcome.

The Effect of Standardized Testing on College Admissions

The Effect of Standardized Testing on College Admissions: An Expert’s Opinion

By John Birney / 07/09/2024

Faculty Frustration with High School Curricula Having spent the majority of my career in enrollment management positions, the question of standardized testing’s impact on college admissions arises more frequently than you might expect. Collegiate faculty often express frustration with high school curricula, particularly the lack of courses that encourage students to think critically or synthesize…