Why Private School Admission Consulting?

All of our admissions consultants are people who are passionate about independent public schools and this translates into fighting fervidly to help your child get into their top choice private day or boarding school.

Our consultants know what it takes to get in since they have helped countless children be accepted into independent schools and they will be more than happy to help yours.

School Selection Consulting

Each school and each child is different. Our consultants have worked as admissions officers in numerous private day schools and boarding schools and know what distinguishes one from another. They will advise you on the characteristics of each school and will help you decide which schools would be the best matches for your child. This will include examining your child's skillset and interests and advising where these can be best developed.

Essay Editing and Application Help

Our consultants have seen countless essays and can help your child formulate ideas and write the perfect essay. They will advise as to what characteristics each school wants to see in the essays and the application. Finally, our advisors will make sure that the applications that you submit will be in order and complete.

Parent and Child Interview Preparation and Playgroup Coaching

Our consultants have personally conducted hundreds of child and parent interviews as members of admissions committees of private day schools and boarding schools. They will prepare you for both parent and child interviews by advising you on what to say and what to never say. They will conduct mock interviews over the phone or in person to make sure you give off the best impression possible. In addition, they will prepare smaller children for playgroups, which are often used as a substitute for interviews for younger applicants.

School Tour Advising

Once you have decided that you will be applying to a private day or boarding school, the next step is going on tours of the schools that interest you. School tours are an essential part of the school selection process as they will give you a feel for the environment of each school. Our consultants will help you plan your school tours and will advise you how to prepare for these visits. They will also consult you on which questions to ask and what things to look for during your tour.

"First Choice" School Consulting

Our consultants have a wealth of experience with a variety of schools and will help you formulate a "First Choice" school strategy. They will also advise you on what to include and what to never include in any potential "First Choice letter".

Testing Advice

Most independent day and boarding schools will require ERB testing for admission. Students applying to middle schools and high schools will need to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). Our consultants will advise you on how to prepare for the admission test and will help you maximize your child's chances.

Preparation of Application Timeline

The independent school application process can seem daunting with all the interviews, tours, essays, and deadlines. Our consultants will help you compose an application timeline and will guide you through the process along the way. Our goal is to make sure your application season will be as stress-free as possible.

Waitlist Help

Being placed on a waitlist to your private day school or boarding school of choice can be a disappointing experience. Based on their knowledge of admissions chances at different independent schools, our consultants will advise you on what to do next, whether it be accepting an offer from another school or waiting to be accepted and showing your interest in the best way possible.