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We at Solomon Admissions Consulting pride ourselves on having helped students apply and be accepted at some of the top national universities, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, Brown PLME (8-year direct admit AB/MD medical school program), and Northwestern HPME (8-year medical program). We also have helped students be admitted to some of the top medical schools and MBA programs across the country. We work with students from all backgrounds and have helped students from around the world. Below are some of the Solomon Admissions Consulting Reviews from our former clients.


Solomon Admissions Review No. 1

"I’m now a premed student at Stanford University and my parents approached Vitaly in my junior year of high school. At the time, I was very stressed out over the whole process and Vitaly was able to eliminate a lot of the stress with his advice and counsel. It wasn’t easy applying to college, but the assistance on especially the supplemental essays was invaluable, as they helped show my passion and intellectual vitality. I highly recommend this service."

Admitted to Stanford University

Solomon Admissions Review No. 2

"My son is an aspiring computer engineer and we reached out to Vitaly when my son was still in 10th grade. Vitaly was very professional, knowledgeable and completely accessible throughout the process. He was also very helpful as he arranged for my son to work on a computer science research project with a local professor. My son is now a first-year student at MIT and for that I am very thankful."

Admitted to MIT

Solomon Admissions Review No. 3

"I am from China and I was not familiar with the admissions process at American universities when I contacted Solomon Admissions. The advisor, Dan was very helpful in helping me understand and then draft the “brag sheet” in order to demonstrate my extracurricular activities and hobbies. I was also impressed that he could offer me professional career advice, since he is not just a consultant but also a corporate lawyer. This year I was admitted to UPenn, so Dan’s assistance was highly effective."

Admitted to UPenn

Solomon Admissions Review No. 4

"Thank you once again for your help! Your last minute help was first-rate. Excellent advice and a source of a wealth of information."

Admitted to Brown

Solomon Admissions Review No. 5

"We wanted to let you know that our son was accepted into Princeton and will be attending next fall! Thank you for all the help in advising on what he should do during his gap year, as that likely made all the difference."

Admitted to Princeton

Solomon Admissions Review No. 6

"We had worked with a different admissions consultant with my eldest son, but unfortunately that experience was less than stellar. What attracted us to Dan was his in-depth knowledge of the UC admission process, particularly for engineering applicants. He worked with my younger son applying to Berkeley, and was able to stress his great fit for the program and to convey what he had to offer to the university."

Admitted to UC Berkeley EE/CS

Solomon Admissions Review No. 7

"I reached out to Vitaly to work with my son who had a strong interest in the sciences and medicine starting freshman year of high school. Although it seemed early to hire an expert admissions consultant, in retrospect, it was one of the best investments I ever made. My son was very motivated and Vitaly helped direct him towards the combined 8-year direct admit BA/MD programs straight out of high school. Vitaly was instrumental in everything from the course selection process to recommendation letters."

Admitted to Brown 8-year BA/MD PLME Program 

Solomon Admissions Review No. 8

"I had the privilege of working with John Enyart as I prepared my graduate school application (public health). Quickly, John became more than just a college advisor, I consider him a mentor and a source of inspiration for my own future. He helped me carefully craft my story and express my motivations, in turn, making me a successful applicant. I was accepted by all five programs to which I applied (Dartmouth, Yale, Brown, Emory, and Columbia) and I am excited to be matriculating to Columbia University this fall! I couldn’t have asked for a better advisor and mentor throughout this process. Thank you, John!"

Admitted to Columbia

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