Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford reject over 60% of applicants who have both a perfect 4.0 unweighted GPA and a perfect 1600 on the SAT. The main reason these students with perfect grades and testing are denied is that they scored low on the intellectual vitality and extracurricular rating metrics used by these elite institutions. The Solomon Research Scholars Program addresses this problem by providing research opportunities to high school students, a key component in raising that student’s intellectual vitality and extracurricular ratings at elite colleges.

Solomon Admissions Consulting is the only college admissions consulting firm in the country whose client success rates have been verified by an independent Vault 50 accounting firm. We are able to get clients into elite colleges at quadruple to quintuple the average acceptance rates at those colleges by combining research opportunities for high school students with strategic college counseling from our team of over 100 former admissions officers.

Results Strongly Correlate to Impact of Research on Intellectual Vitality and Extracurricular Ratings

College admissions officers these days look for applicants who have maximized their intellectual vitality and extracurricular ratings through independent research in high school. You can view our client case studies on the impact of research on admissions here. Research projects in high school raise the intellectual vitality rating by showing a student’s love of learning outside the classroom and raise the extracurricular rating by showing depth and angularity of activities in a single academic discipline.

Only Firm with Results Verified by a Vault 50 Independent Accounting Firm

Below you will find our client success rates at colleges that have been verified by a Vault 50 independent accounting firm. Solomon Admissions Consulting is the only college admissions consulting firm in the industry with independently verified client success rates.

Take a look at our acceptance rates - independently audited by BPM, a Vault 50 accounting firm:

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