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Most applicants blend into the crowd. We'll help you stand out and get in.
Over 80% of our clients get into one of their top 3 choice MBA programs.

MBA Application Consultant Services

Being accepted into a top MBA program often comes down to how you market yourself as an applicant. Our MBA admission consultants work with applicants to craft memorable personal statements that address mid-career changes and their reasons for going to business school.

They also ensure that the applicants' employer recommendation letters stand out from the crowd by supporting their unique positioning strategy. Besides helping applicants apply to some of the best traditional MBA programs in the country, we also have extensive experience placing candidates at executive MBA programs and business schools in Europe.

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Our MBA Admissions Consultants

Led exclusively by former MBA admissions officers, our MBA application consultant team provides personalized, game-changing admissions advice to empower each applicant to achieve peak performance.

All of our MBA admissions consultants are accomplished professionals who have personal experience applying to and being accepted by some of the best business schools in the country. They will provide you with highly individualized advice on every aspect of your MBA application.

Acceptance Rates 2023

School Acceptance Rate Average GPA Average GMAT
UChicago (Booth)30.1%3.56700
NWU (Kellogg)31.4%3.70729
UPenn (Wharton)22.8%3.60733
MIT (Sloan)14.8%3.59724
Dartmouth (Tuck)33.4%3.53726

Acceptance Rates 2023

School Acceptance Rate Average GPA Average GMAT
UChicago (Booth)30.1%3.56700
NWU (Kellogg)31.4%3.70729
UPenn (Wharton)22.8%3.60733
MIT (Sloan)14.8%3.59724
Dartmouth (Tuck)33.4%3.53726
UMichigan (Ross)28.1%3.47720

MBA Application Process

When you are applying for your MBA you will be prompted to write a unique and hard-hitting essay. The questions each university asks will vary from school to school and will focus on your reasoning for going to that school to get your MBA. Our team of Former MBA Admissions Officers has composed strategies for each MBA program to help you answer the question and stand out against other applicants who are trying to get into the top business schools in the country.

Click on the links below to get an understanding of what is expected of you by each school.

Our MBA Application Services

Personal Statement

The personal statement is the most important part of the MBA application and yet many applicants today continue to make mistakes in tone, content, or even topic. The personal statement is not like a college essay, it needs to stand out. As part of our service, we will help you through multiple rounds of edits to craft a compelling personal statement, which will showcase your motivations for pursuing an MBA, work experience, and passions in a concise and compelling manner.


The biggest mistake that applicants today make is that they fail to customize each supplemental essay to each individual MBA program. Instead, they often submit generic supplemental essays, which fail to deliver a clear message that the applicant wants to attend this particular MBA program and no other.

We have customized countless supplemental essays for various top MBA programs, and we will show you how to do the same.

Particular MBA Program Preferences

Every MBA program looks for different things in its applicants, and to those who don't know each school's particular preferences, MBA application results often seem random and unpredictable. They're nothing of the kind. Unfortunately, it’s no easy task to find out the particular preferences of each MBA program. What you need is insider information and we are happy to provide it. Based on our many years of experience, we know what distinguishes acceptances from borderline rejections.

Strategic Positioning

The ideal MBA application needs to tell a story and to give the reader a compelling and unique narrative. Instead, what admissions committees often see is a mishmash of contradicting information.

As part of strategic positioning, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of an applicant’s work experience, the schools to be applied to, and the various strengths and weaknesses of the applicant. We then advise on the positioning of the application, so as to make sure each applicant stands out from the crowd.

Recommenders and Recommendations

Most top applicants have surprisingly bland recommendation letters; we don’t let our clients get away with anything less than glowing letters.

We advise you on which recommenders would be best positioned to write your recommendation letters and how they would be best able to speak to your specific business and personal strengths. We also help you prepare a cover letter, resume, and portfolio of work to present at a personal meeting with your recommender to maximize your recommendation letter’s impact on readers.

Mock Interviews and
Financial Aid

We prepare you for MBA interviews by teaching you how to control what is written on the interview evaluation by guiding the content and flow of the interview itself.

Our admissions officers will prepare you for common questions that are asked during interviews and how to answer them effectively. We also give you the inside details on which schools will take financial need into consideration when deciding whom to accept and whom to reject.

MBA Admission Consulting For International Applicants

Our MBA counselors help international applicants apply to the best MBA programs and business schools in the US and Europe.

As an international prospect, you will have different requirements when it comes to your application process. Our team of former MBA admissions officers has the experience to guide you through the process. We work on helping you understand what the MBA programs are requesting from you and how you can get your application to stand out from the field.

MBA Admission Consulting For Indian Applicants

Our MBA admissions consultants work one-on-one with all of our applicants. As you make a mid-career change and apply for business school in the U.S. our team is ready to assist with the process.

We place candidates from India in executive MBA programs and business schools with the help of our former MBA admissions officers. When you are from India there are guidelines that you need to meet to attend an MBA program in the U.S. and our team will assist you to make sure you meet the requirements.

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