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Common Questions About Undergraduate Admissions - FAQs

There are certain questions we regularly get from college applicants, so we have decided to list some of the most common questions and present answers from our former admissions officer consultants. Here are our College Admissions frequently asked questions:

This is a question that should be discussed with depth of thought, solid statistical reasoning, and clarity of purpose. Because many early programs require you to commit to attending that institution should you be accepted (Early Decision), you need to be more than just comfortable with attending that school – you need to be passionate about it. If you are truly conflicted about where to apply early, then look at options that provide you greater flexibility. Regardless, you should have a robust strategy for applying early to a few key schools, as it provides you greater opportunity to be seen early by colleges and be a stronger competitor in the applicant pool.

There are two main different types of early applications – Early Action and Early Decision. The latter is a binding contract, whereas the former does not require students matriculate if they’re accepted. Because of the flexibility of Early Action programs, they regularly have lower acceptance rates than Early Decision programs. There are some schools that restrict their Early Action admissions, like Stanford, Princeton, Yale, etc. so be sure to check what type of early program your school offers. But yes – you should plan to apply to a few schools early, which gives you a statistical boost. Also, many schools have early deadlines to be considered for merit scholarships (Emory, USC, etc.)

Don’t be rash with applying early, and don’t shoot so far above your profile that you’re wasting your early decision window. Find some schools that fall in a reach/target area that also are schools about which you’re deeply passionate. An admissions consultant can be instrumental here in deciphering your school list and providing you with robust choices that maximize your potential of securing entry into your desired schools.

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