MBA Admission Consulting for
International Applicants

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MBA Admissions for International Applicants

Our MBA admission consultants work with applicants to assist with a mid-career change and their reasons to apply for business school. Our MBA counselors help applicants apply to the best MBA program where we have extensive experience placing candidates at executive MBA programs and business schools in the US and Europe.

Our MBA Services Include:

  • Strategic Positioning
  • Personal Statement Assistance
  • Presenting Your Work Experience
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Mock Interview Preparation
  • Insider Information on School Preferences

MBA Application Plan For International Students

As an international prospective student, you will have slightly different requirements to plan for as you approach your MBA application. Begin your process one year in advance and follow these steps:

  • Consider Your Eligibility. Confirm you have (or will have) a university degree equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from the U.S. and two to five years of work experience.
  • Select Target Schools. Determine where to apply. Schools rank differently depending on your career specialization. Select two target, two reach, and two safety schools that offer what you need to facilitate your career path. In addition to considering the program itself, also consider the location. The U.S. is huge and there are strong regional differences in lifestyle. Think about these questions: How is the economic health of the area where you will be building your strongest professional network? Will I be able to find a job there?
  • Learn Application Deadlines. Make a separate calendar devoted to your MBA school application process. Deadlines come in multiple types: Rounds 1-3, rolling, and open admissions. Choose when you want to apply and know the deadline.
  • Schedule Your TOEFL Exam. (if applicable). Take your TOEFL before the GMAT, since English skills will only help your GMAT score. Choose a test date at least 6 months before your deadlines, so you have enough time to transition your focus to GMAT preparation.
  • Schedule Your GMAT Exam. Choose a date at least 3 months before your first deadline. If you need to retake it, you will still have enough time to adapt a new study strategy to improve your results. Your final test attempt should be at least one month before your first application deadline. · Familiarize with the student visa procedure. Learn how the process of applying for a visa works, so you can initiate it as quickly as possible after you are accepted.
  • Confirm Your Passport Is Valid. Verify that your passport will not expire prior to your expected graduation date. You need it to be valid for the entire extent of the program to receive your study permit.
  • Estimate The Cost of Living and Tuition. Draft a 2-year budget to know exactly how much financial aid you need. This will help organize and direct your search and will minimize stressful exaggerations. Many MBA programs have sample budgets for you to adapt (e.g., Wharton). Moreover, your visa application will require you to prove you have the finances to pay for at least the entire first year of your degree.

International Students and Business School

The two most fundamental stages of your application process require extensive feedback prior to completing. Seek professional support prior to completing these two steps:

  • Submit Application Materials. Make sure you proofread, for grammar, spelling, and word choice. Submit at least one week before the deadline, if possible, to safeguard against internet outages or online traffic that may occur on the deadline itself.
  • Complete Formal Interviews. These occur with an admissions officer or alumna. You must be able to articulate your personality and leadership potential. Be yourself.

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All of our admission consultants are Former MBA Admissions Officers and they work with our International MBA applicants to craft memorable narratives and personal statements that best address their unique backgrounds, interests, and how they will contribute to the MBA program to which they apply.

MBA Admissions for International Students

After receiving your offers, you will need to act quickly to obtain the necessary permits and complete logistical requirements for studying in the U.S. This will take time, so be diligent in your effort.

  • Submit Your Deposit. Secure your position in a program by submitting your deposit.
  • Apply For A Student Visa. Depending on your situation, you will need an F1 or a J1 visa.
  • Organize Financial Aid. In addition to financial aid available through the program, research available options in your resident country and beyond. Helpful online sources include Scholarships for WomenGoGrad (financial aid opportunities for women, minorities, and veterans), and Accredited Schools Online (financial aid open to all students, minorities, women, and military/veterans).
  • Find Housing. Weigh the pros and cons of on- and off-campus housing. If you choose off-campus, consider subletting a furnished apartment for the first 3-6 months, so you can orient yourself and better understand your options for longer-term solutions.
  • Plan International Travel. Consider travelers insurance to cover unexpected health care costs if you are arriving prior to your program start date.

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It is your degree and your professional future. Get the most from your investment. Solomon Admissions has a team of highly trained consultants ready to guide your International MBA application from start to finish. Your personal growth depends on your commitment and the resources you are willing to invest in yourself.