Being admitted into Stanford or an Ivy League University is becoming more and more difficult every year. Admission rates at these top colleges have collapsed by on average of 50%. Watch the webinar to learn how to navigate the Stanford and Ivy League admissions process, position your application and market your candidacy.

Admission rates at Cornell University have dropped from 31.0% in 2005 to 14.0% in 2014. Watch the webinar and learn how to navigate the Cornell University Admissions Process (including that of Cornell Engineering), position your application, and improve your candidacy.

Being admitted into UC Berkeley or UCLA is harder than ever. Admission rates are lower than ever and the number of applicants keeps rising every year. Watch the webinar to learn how to navigate the UC Berkeley and UCLA Admissions Process.

Being admitted into medical school is harder than ever, with average acceptance rates at allopathic medical schools hovering between 3% to 4%. Because of the fierce competition to earn a seat in medical school, it is important to select the undergraduate college one attends carefully in order to maximize one's medical school admission chances. Watch the webinar, created by our former allopathic medical school admissions officers, and learn how to choose the best undergraduate college to maximize your GPA, how medical schools evaluate GPA's from prestigious undergraduate colleges, and which colleges send the highest percentage of their premedical students to top medical residency programs

The demand for college graduates with computer science and engineering degrees is high with blue chip technology companies often paying students six figure salaries straight out of college. Although majoring in computer science and engineering can give you a huge advantage in the job market, high school students are often bombarded with misinformation regarding how to choose the best computer science or engineering school. Watch the webinar and learn: (1) How to choose the best computer science or engineering school to maximize your job and graduate school prospects; (2) How blue chip technology companies evaluate and recruit computer science and engineering graduates; (3) From what colleges blue chip technology companies recruit most computer science graduates.

Transferring to an elite college is no easy task. Average transfer admission rates are several times lower than regular admission rates and at many top colleges are lower than Harvard's regular admission rate. Watch the webinar to learn the intricacies of the Transfer Admissions Process.

The personal statement is the most important part of the college application and yet many applicants today continue to make mistakes in tone, content, or even topic. The webinar will cover the key components of a perfect essay, the mistakes of content and style that are commonly made by applicants, and how to craft a unique narrative.