College Application

Common Application 101 - What you need to know

Common Application 101

By Alexis Colbert / 02/26/2024

As you approach your senior year of college you begin preparations for college application season. You may tour multiple campuses over the summer or watch video upon video on the application process. The first question to address on this journey is what is the Common Application? With multiple application deadlines throughout the fall and winter…

Common Application Personal Statement

Essays That Work: How to Write a Strong Common App Personal Statement

By Adrienne Gilbert / 01/26/2024

As a writer myself, I have always loved the art of storytelling. When executed well, stories have not just the power of capturing a reader’s attention and imparting knowledge, but they often also leave a lasting impression on their readers – which, when you think of a college application, is exactly what you want to…

Are Colleges with a high acceptance rate bad?

Are Colleges with High Admissions Rates Bad?

By Jessica Rabalais / 01/19/2024

Students who are building their college lists tend to start at one place: the rankings. Some students prefer the school’s overall ranking while some prefer to check the ranking of their intended major. While that is a great place to locate your reach and dream schools, your list should be well-rounded and include both likely…

Do SATs/ACTs matter for your college application?

Standardized Testing in College Admission

By Jessica Sibbing / 01/11/2024

Debunking the myths To submit testing, or not to submit testing, that is the question on every student’s mind, but how much do colleges even care about standardized scores? Even though most colleges today use a holistic review that considers various factors to determine admission, standardized testing is often still considered to be the greatest…

What extracurricular activities do colleges look for?

What extracurricular activities do colleges look for?

By Carla Crooker / 01/05/2024

Understanding the Role of Extracurricular Activities As admissions consultants, we are often asked about the role that extracurricular activities play in the college application process. Many students and parents are under the impression that only traditional activities such as being president of the class or captain of the sports team are important. However, thinking outside…

4 Things to Know Before Applying to a Test-Optional College

4 Things to Know Before Applying to a Test-Optional College

By Haley Artime / 12/08/2023

Did you know that there are over 1,830 colleges and universities that have switched to test-optional over the last few years? According to Forbes, many of these schools did so to help combat the effects of COVID, but as COVID cases have been on a drastic decline schools are standing by this policy for a…

Key factors for College Preparation

Preparing for College

By Makeda Turner / 11/24/2023

Starting high school can be seen as the first step towards the college educational journey. Although it is an exciting time in the lives of teenagers, it is also a pivotal time to get serious about your academic performance in preparation for the college application process. For some, preparation for college can begin as early…

Why don’t some schools use the Common Application?

Why don’t some schools use the Common Application?

By Solomon Team / 11/11/2023

You’ve been working hard throughout high school to earn good grades and excel in your extracurriculars, and now it’s finally time to start applying to your dream school. You make a Common Application account and start adding schools to your list, but wait — some of your top choices aren’t there! Don’t panic. While the…

So you want to be admitted to law school?

So you want to be admitted to law school?

By Grace Chee / 11/02/2023

So, you’re back at it again. Except, this time, you’re surrounded by law school applications and LSAT test prep books instead of the Common Application and SAT guides. You told yourself you would never willingly go through the stress of applying to academic programs again, but the promise of a J.D. and the potential to…

Why Does Volunteering and Community Engagement Matter?

Why Does Volunteering and Community Engagement Matter?

By Carla Crooker / 10/27/2023

As a busy high school student, you may feel overwhelmed by the pressure to maintain good grades, make and keep friends, and engage in community service. You may wonder why volunteering matters so much. The Importance of Community Engagement In the world of highly selective admissions, we are often asked, “how many hours do I…