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Should I take a gap year?

Should I take a Gap Year?

By Jessica Rabalais / 07/17/2024

Should You Take a Gap Year? Exploring the Benefits and Considerations An increasing number of students are opting to take a year off between high school and college. The reasons vary from wanting to “take a break” from homework and exams to a desire to travel, follow a passion, or simply work and save money…

The Effect of Standardized Testing on College Admissions

The Effect of Standardized Testing on College Admissions: An Expert’s Opinion

By John Birney / 07/09/2024

Faculty Frustration with High School Curricula Having spent the majority of my career in enrollment management positions, the question of standardized testing’s impact on college admissions arises more frequently than you might expect. Collegiate faculty often express frustration with high school curricula, particularly the lack of courses that encourage students to think critically or synthesize…

Five Reasons to Apply Early Action to College

Five Reasons to Apply Early Action to College

By Maura Connors / 06/21/2024

As a college admissions consultant, I often find myself advising students to consider whether to apply Early Action to their top-choice colleges. While many students are still weighing their options or trying to make a final decision, Early Action can provide numerous benefits that can help make the college application process a little less stressful. …

Understanding the Common Black College Application (CBCA)

Understanding the Common Black College Application (CBCA)

By Marisa Herrera / 06/14/2024

The Common Black College Application (CBCA) is a one-stop shop for African American students seeking to attend historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). The CBCA streamlines the college application process by allowing students to submit one application to multiple HBCUs, thus saving time and effort. Recruiting talented students The CBCA helps provide a broader pool…

Junior Year Spring: Kick off The College Search!

Junior Year Spring: The College Search Kick-Off 

By Adrienne Gilbert / 06/07/2024

For high school juniors, the spring brings more than just a flurry of pollen invaders; introductory meetings with college advisors are scheduled, emails from colleges and universities start to consistently appear in inboxes, and a buzz starts to arise as students get into the tempo of the college search process. While there is often much…

How Selective Colleges Read Applications

How Selective Colleges Read Applications

By Jessica Sibbing / 05/24/2024

A peak behind the curtain of admissions There has long been a knowledge gap between admission offices and the students who desire to attend their highly selective universities—a guarded process on how students are analyzed and considered for these highly coveted spots. This post aims to demystify the unknowns surrounding how selective schools evaluate admission…

Can you use the same Common Application Essay when Reapplying

Can you use the same Common Application Essay when Reapplying?

By Alexis Colbert / 05/17/2024

So you applied to college before and did not get your desired results. With a fully completed application under your belt, you may ask yourself, how much of the application do you really need to complete all over again? Will an admissions office be able to tell if you are re-applying?  Yes, most applications ask…

What is a good SAT Score for the Ivy League

What Is A Good SAT Score For The Ivy League?

By Peter Zimmerman / 05/07/2024

Because of the Ivy League’s level of prestige and high-esteemed academics, competition for its coveted few freshman class spots is fierce. Hundreds of thousands of students apply each year to the Ivy League from around the world – for the Class of 2027, over 400,000 students applied across all eight Ivy League schools. This Article…

Does my college major matter when applying to Law school?

Does my College Major Matter when Applying to Law School?

By Grace Chee / 04/26/2024

Political Science, Government, English, Criminal Justice, History… when it comes to majors commonly associated with law school, you may think of these most readily. And, for good reason. Such majors often include courses in their curriculum that align well with legal studies. Yale University’s Political Science program, for example, requires courses to be taken that…

Common college application mistakes and how to avoid them

Common College Application Mistakes

By Jessica Sibbing / 04/19/2024

And How to Avoid Them As application season approaches, it is important to know how to avoid common college admission mistakes to ensure your application stands out from the crowd. With the college landscape becoming increasingly competitive with application numbers skyrocketing it is imperative to be conscious of best admission practices, employ a detailed-oriented approach…