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Common college application mistakes and how to avoid them

Common College Application Mistakes

By Jessica Sibbing / 04/19/2024

And How to Avoid Them As application season approaches, it is important to know how to avoid common college admission mistakes to ensure your application stands out from the crowd. With the college landscape becoming increasingly competitive with application numbers skyrocketing it is imperative to be conscious of best admission practices, employ a detailed-oriented approach…

Letters of Recommendation: An Introduction

Letters of Recommendation: An Overview

By Delphine Byrd / 04/12/2024

Colleges and universities review many items as part of a holistic application review: grades, courses, test scores, activity list/resume, and letters of recommendation (LOR). Let’s dive deeper into the role a LOR plays, and the different types of letters that can be submitted on an applicant’s behalf. Letters of Recommendation: What are they and why…

List of Early Action Schools

Early Action Schools: List of EA Colleges

By Shayla Lebeck / 03/29/2024

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to apply to some schools early and receive admissions decisions earlier? Well, with Early Action (EA), you can! Many schools around the US offer opportunities for students to apply via a non-binding admissions method to be able to apply early and find out their admissions decision early.  Need…

College Application Red Flags

College Application Red Flags

By Haley Artime / 03/22/2024

You can browse the internet all day to find ways to strengthen your college application profile, but what about things NOT to do?  Here are 7 college application red flags that will weaken your application and hurt your admissions chances: Students might be trying to think outside the box to make a better impression and…

Senior Year Timeline: College Application Season

Senior Year Timeline: College Application Season

By Adrienne Gilbert / 03/15/2024

For high school seniors, the fall is synonymous with college application season – and rightfully so, most Early Decision and Early Action deadlines fall between October 1 and December 1 each year. While much of the flurry of activity occurs in the fall, the summer before senior year is the perfect time to work on…

College Application Letters of Recommendation | Advice and an Example

Letters of Recommendation Advice and an Example

By Angela Dunnham / 03/08/2024

Most competitive schools require letters of recommendation (LOR). They do not do so lightly. The letters of recommendation that are submitted with your application are read with great care and are considered one of the most important parts of your application. A lukewarm letter can destroy an otherwise excellent candidate’s chances, and a glowing letter…

Common Application 101 - What you need to know

Common Application 101

By Alexis Colbert / 02/26/2024

As you approach your senior year of college you begin preparations for college application season. You may tour multiple campuses over the summer or watch video upon video on the application process. The first question to address on this journey is what is the Common Application? With multiple application deadlines throughout the fall and winter…

Liberal Arts vs. University Education

Liberal Arts Schools vs. Universities: Finding the Best Choice for You

By Maura Connors / 02/02/2024

Are you a prospective student unsure of whether to attend a liberal arts college or a university? Choosing the right educational institution is a crucial decision that will shape your academic and professional journey. You may be asking yourself, are liberal arts schools better than universities? Or even, what is the difference between liberal arts…

Common Application Personal Statement

Essays That Work: How to Write a Strong Common App Personal Statement

By Adrienne Gilbert / 01/26/2024

As a writer myself, I have always loved the art of storytelling. When executed well, stories have not just the power of capturing a reader’s attention and imparting knowledge, but they often also leave a lasting impression on their readers – which, when you think of a college application, is exactly what you want to…

Are Colleges with a high acceptance rate bad?

Are Colleges with High Admissions Rates Bad?

By Jessica Rabalais / 01/19/2024

Students who are building their college lists tend to start at one place: the rankings. Some students prefer the school’s overall ranking while some prefer to check the ranking of their intended major. While that is a great place to locate your reach and dream schools, your list should be well-rounded and include both likely…