Solomon Research Program

Our 10-week Research Program allows participants to work one-on-one with a PhD research advisor on a college-level research project that will boost their college admission odds.

Benefits of the Program

Engage in College-Level Research

Receive one-on-one mentorship from a PhD research advisor on a significant research project.

Conduct Research from Anywhere

Our online research program allows participants to conduct research remotely from anywhere.

Quadruple Your College Admissions Odds

Participants are admitted to elite colleges at four to five times the average acceptance rate.

In addition to the above, there are many great reasons to consider our Research Program. Follow the link to learn more about why to choose our program.

Our Research Program

Our program pairs participants with both a PhD research advisor and a college admissions consultant to maximize their college admission odds. Together, the research advisor and admissions consultant ensure that the participant’s research project will strategically align with their application narrative.

1. Eligibility Requirements

The Solomon Research Scholars Program is open to individuals who have concurrently signed up for a college admissions coaching package with Solomon Admissions.

Our team will evaluate the applicant’s transcript and testing to determine if the Solomon Research Scholars Program is a fit for them.

2. Research Topics

Participants in the Solomon Research Scholars Program have the opportunity to work one-on-one on independent research projects with a research advisor who has a PhD, is a current PhD candidate, or is a postdoc.

Participants can engage in college-level research projects from a wide range of over 30 different academic disciplines.

3. Results

Solomon Admissions Consulting is the only firm in the country whose client success rates have been verified by an independent accounting firm.

We are able to get clients into elite colleges at quadruple to quintuple the average acceptance rates by combining research opportunities with strategic college counseling from our team of over 100 former admissions officers.

4. Timeline

Participants will complete a research project and accompanying research paper under the careful one-on-one supervision and guidance of their PhD research advisor over the course of 10 weeks.

During each meeting, the PhD research advisor will provide the participant with assignments to be completed before the following week’s meeting. Participants are expected to devote at least 60 hours to the research and writing process over this 10-week period.

Summer Research Program

The Summer Research Program is a focused 10-week initiative designed for individuals who wish to conduct academic research during the summer. This program allows participants to work closely with PhD advisors on significant research projects, culminating in a college-level research paper. It's an intensive experience, providing participants with valuable insights and skills in their chosen field of study, all conducted online for maximum convenience and flexibility.

Year-Round Research Program

There are many Summer Research programs out there, but if you're looking for a more flexible option, our program allows you to start at a time that's most convenient for you. Our Year-Round Research Program is a comprehensive 10-session offering, spanning no more than 20 weeks. You have the freedom to begin your research at a time that best fits your lifestyle and responsibilities. Participants can engage in the same level of research and mentorship, culminating in a significant research project and an accompanying college-level research paper.

Meet our Research Mentors

At Solomon Admissions, we take pride in our team of research mentors who are the cornerstone of our Research Program. Our mentors are not just highly educated, but they are also deeply passionate about fostering the academic growth of their students. With PhDs, current PhD candidacies, or postdoc statuses, they come from a diverse array of academic disciplines, ranging from the natural sciences and engineering to social sciences, business, and the humanities. Many of our mentors have a rich background in teaching at the university level, providing a well-rounded and insightful learning experience for the students. They work closely with each student, guiding them through every aspect of the research process, from topic selection to the final draft of the research paper. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to nurturing young minds make them an invaluable asset to our program.

Research Programs for High School Students and Beyond

High School Research Program

Our High School Research Program is designed to introduce high school students to the realm of academic research. Over a 10-week period, participants work one-on-one with experienced PhD advisors to complete a college-level research project. This program is not only an excellent opportunity for students to explore their academic interests but also a valuable experience that enhances their college applications. The online format allows for flexible participation from anywhere, making it accessible to students regardless of their location.

Specialized Research Programs

For undergraduates or individuals looking into specific academic disciplines, our Research Program offers a deeper dive into areas like Medical Research, Computer Science, and Psychology. These programs provide participants with the opportunity to engage in advanced research projects under the guidance of experts in these fields. Whether you are an undergraduate student or a professional looking to expand your knowledge in a specific area, these specialized programs offer intensive research experience, mentorship, and the development of skills crucial for success in these disciplines.

A fantastic alternative to a research internship

While not strictly an internship, we feel our Research Program offers very comparable benefits for the student. Research internships for high school students are valuable opportunities for gaining practical experience in academic research, much like our Research Program. Both options allow students to explore their academic interests deeply, providing a platform for hands-on learning and skill acquisition. High school research internships typically involve students working under experienced professionals, similar to how our programs pair participants with PhD advisors. In both scenarios, students engage in significant research projects, learning the ropes of data collection, analysis, and reporting. Whether through a research internship for high school students or our structured program, participants walk away with enhanced research skills, a deeper understanding of the discipline, and a notable addition to their academic or professional portfolios. These experiences are crucial for students considering careers in research-intensive fields, offering a head start in their academic journeys.

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