Horace Mann School Admission Counselors

A Guide to the Horace Mann Admissions Process

What is Horace Mann Looking for?

The application process is well rounded and age appropriate, looking for students who will benefit from and be successful in the program as well as families who will be positive members of the community.  Applicants should spend their time writing their essays and highlighting their academic and extracurricular interests and strengths in their interviews.

Horace Mann School Admissions Counselor

What is academic excellence in the eyes of Horace Mann?

Classrooms are abuzz with enthusiastic learners and the exchange of diverse thoughts and ideas.  HM students develop a strong background in traditional liberal arts disciplines through required and elective courses, independent study opportunities, clubs, and activities.  Learning and education take place in the classroom and throughout the campus.  The wide array of courses offered is designed to encourage students to find areas of interest.

A Long History of College Prep

Horace Mann has had over 130 years of academic excellence.  Students excel in a wide array of subject areas as well as in sports and the arts.  Horace Mann School students have gone on to attend hundreds of different colleges and universities and report that the background they received from HM more than prepared them for the challenge.

How can you stand out to Horace Mann?

Successful applicants have an outstanding academic record with top standardized test scores.

Successful applicants excel in at least one extra-curricular activity and/or an area in the arts.

The selection committee seeks well-rounded students with a keen interest and passion for an academic subject (or subjects).

Applicants who have received recognition in academics and/or the arts are encouraged to apply.

Diversity at Horace Mann

  • 42 % of students identify as students of color.

  • Each year approximately 14% of students receive financial aid.

  • Horace Mann student body comes from 150 zip codes in three states.

  • Horace Mann’s Office of Diversity is now known as the Office for Identity, Culture and Institutional Equity or ICIE.  The office is charged with responsibility for furthering equity and inclusion at HM across all divisions of the school.

Applicants selected for admission to Horace Mann would have these academic credentials:

  • Top 10% of their class

  • ISEE or SSAT scores in the 90th percentile

  • Letters of recommendation that can highlight the strengths of the student with details

  • A passion for a subject (or subjects) and a leader in an academic field, the arts, and/or athletics

Examples of applicants with special talents at Horace Mann would be:

  • All students with special talents are first and foremost a scholar.
  • Talented actor, musician, or artist

  • Leader of a community service initiative

  • Excels in athletics

This is the tip of the iceberg. For more information about the Horace Mann application process, reach out to us via any of the contact options below.