We offer comprehensive packages for 6th through 12th graders to work one-on-one with a Former College Admissions Officer. We offer College Application Packages to 12th graders that cover the entire application process. We offer Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Gap Year Packages, which aim to increase students’ extracurricular and intellectual vitality ratings. We also offer Middle School Packages and Transfer Applicant Packages.

Undergrad Admissions Consulting Packages

College Application Packages

High school seniors work one-on-one with a Former College Admissions Officer on every aspect of the college application process, from the selection of a school list to drafting compelling essays and supplements.

Our work with seniors includes the following:

  • Formulating a compelling Positioning Strategy
  • Selecting a strategic School List to maximize career goals, including where to apply Early Decision or Early Action
  • Helping to craft memorable Personal Statements and Supplemental Essays
  • Counseling applicants on the particular preferences of each college
  • Developing and presenting a compelling Resume
  • Advising on Recommendation Letters and choosing the correct recommenders
  • Preparing applicants for College Interviews

Middle School Packages

Our Former College Admissions Officers work one-on-one with middle school students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade to gain an edge in the college admissions process and to lay the foundation for success in high school.

The Middle School Package focuses on important foundational skills and elements, such as selecting the right fit high school to maximize college admissions results, identifying and nurturing an academic niche in middle school to increase intellectual vitality, developing a curated reading list, and shoring up academic weaknesses in middle school to ensure success in high school. Packages include assistance on college applications as provided in the College Application Packages. Starting early ensures the best college admissions outcomes.

Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Packages

As part of our Freshman, Sophomore and Junior coaching packages, our Former College Admissions Officers provide one-on-one mentorship to 9th, 10th and 11th graders to maximize their college admissions odds.

Our consultants create comprehensive coaching plans, including summer activities, that outline extracurricular activities that will maximize a student’s extracurricular and intellectual vitality ratings. These activities run the gamut from the formation of a nonprofit to show leadership to applying for competitive summer research programs like RSI. Our coaching packages include assistance on college applications as provided in the College Application Packages.

Transfer Applicant Packages​

Applying to transfer to a better college provides a second bite at the apple for many applicants. However, admission rates for transfers are much lower than for high school seniors.

Our consultants work with transfer applicants to develop a compelling academic reason for transferring colleges, which is a key factor that colleges look for. We will analyze the weaknesses in students’ prior college applications and develop a compelling narrative that addresses a student’s reasons for transferring. Our consultants ensure that the essays, coursework and resume support this compelling narrative. We will also work with students to develop a strategic school list for transfer applications to maximize transfer chances to a better fit college.

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