Lawrenceville School Admission Counselors

A Guide to the Lawrenceville Admissions Process

What is Lawrenceville Looking For?

Lawrenceville is looking for dynamic students who have a love of learning, are of high character, want to engage their classmates, and are not afraid of taking intellectual risks. They are burgeoning leaders that actively seek to improve the world around them. Moreover, these well-rounded young people want to be part of something bigger than themselves. They possess a high IQ and EQ.
Successful applicants genuinely connect with their interviewers. They have a passion that is transferable to the school community. They are eager to take advantage of the school’s numerous academic, athletic, and co-curricular opportunities.

Lawrenceville School Admissions Counselor

What is academic excellence in the eyes of Lawrenceville?

Lawrenceville applicants are active learners who passionately pursue knowledge. They have stellar academic achievement, upper-level testing results, and possess recommendations that illustrate how the applicant
enriches the classroom. Grades and test scores quantifiably measure academic achievement. However, students who collaborate, question their assumptions and respect the opinions of those around them are on the path of academic excellence. These skills are developed and honed around the Harkness table. Lawrenceville values teaching students how to think, not what to think. At the same time, shared discovery trumps memorization, and each member of the class discussion takes responsibility for their classmates’ learning. Simultaneously, the instructor serves as a facilitator by encouraging students to delve deeper into the conversation or advance it to the next topic.

There’s no place like House

For over 200 years, Lawrenceville has prepared students for a changing world, while it has grown to be more diverse, inclusive, and adaptive to its students’ needs. There are 18 residential buildings referred to as houses.

The House system is at the core of the residential life program, and it is unique to American boarding schools. It is a small community within the broader community where boarding and days students come together, bond, and build life-long friendships. When Lawrentians alumni meet out in the world, the question is not, when did you graduate? It’s what House did you call home? Every house is distinct with its flags, emblems, anthems, and traditional rivalries. Students can join a House sports team instead of joining an interscholastic team.

A considerable amount of leadership roles derive from House related activities such as-- House council, prefectures, and honor representation. Lawrenceville values applicants who are:

open to growth

want to broaden their horizons

seeking out the best in others and themselves

In the middle of somewhere

Lawrenceville is 10 minutes from Princeton, NJ, 45 minutes from Philadelphia, PA, and an hour from New York, NY. Unlike its northern counterparts, it's easily accessible via--car, train, and plane. Its location and proximity to two of the larger cities in the US add to its rich diversity. By the numbers

  • 53% are students of color
  • 18% are international
  • 30 different states represented on campus
  • 40 countries from around the world

How can you stand out to Lawrenceville?

  • Applicants should have an outstanding academic record, including top standardized test results, paired with active extra-curricular interests, excelling in at least one area of the arts or academia.

  • When applying to Lawrenceville, prospective students should embrace the interview. It is an opportunity to tell your story, relate your passions, and demonstrate how you’ve led or enriched your community through service.

  • The admissions committee is seeking well-rounded individuals whose passion for learning goes beyond the classroom. They want to develop their voice and aspire to leave their mark on the school community.

  • Applicants that have an extracurricular interest that will impact athletic or the arts are encouraged to apply.

  • Each year, approximately 33% of the students receive financial aid.

Applicants selected for admission to Lawrenceville would have these academic credentials:

  • An SSAT scores above 2250 with no individual section below a 650

  • A stellar academic record with no grades below a B

  • Glowing letters of recommendation from the past several years from his/her
    previous school

  • ERB or ISEE scores in the 90th percentile

  • Glowing letters of recommendation from past several years from his/her previous school with “Respect accorded by faculty and students” receiving checks in the top two categories.

Examples of applicants with exceptional talents at Lawrenceville would be:

  • Leader of a community service initiative
  • A young entrepreneur
  • Impact athlete on a sports team who is garnering college interest
  • Talented actor, musician, artist, or dancer

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