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Common Questions About Solomon Admissions Consulting

Applicants call and email us with an array of questions. Below we put together a list of some of the most common questions or frequently asked questions about our process from our Former Admissions Officer Consultants. Click below.

Just submit the contact form on our website or send us an email at info@solomonadmissions.com. Let us know your child's current year in school and one of our Enrollment Coordinators will reach out with more information to schedule the call.

Decline in Admissions Rates since 2005

School 2022 2005
UC - Berkeley11.4%27%

Our services comprise far more than mere essay editing. Most essay editors have never sat on an elite college admissions committee, nor do they have the insider perspective needed to properly package and market an applicant to maximize results.

In addition to essay editing, we offer a comprehensive assessment of our client’s strengths and weaknesses, take active steps to minimize their weaknesses, strategically position our clients to stand out from the crowd, assist with the selection of the most compelling essay topic, assist with crafting supplemental essays that emphasize what each elite school looks for in applicants, work with recommendation letter writers to help them in crafting recommendation letters that stand out from the crowd, assist in compiling a brag sheet that enhances our client’s positioning strategy, provide financial aid guidance, and provide unparalleled career guidance since we have a leading medical school, MBA and graduate school admissions consulting practices.

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