Ivy League Admissions Consultants

Our Former Admissions Officers understand the criteria that Ivy League Colleges use to evaluate applicants, including intellectual vitality and extracurricular angularity, and will help you to be admitted to an elite college.

Thousands of our clients have been admitted to Ivy League Colleges and our Former Admissions Officers reveal what each Ivy looks for:

Solomon Admissions Consulting has the largest team in the industry of over 100 Former College Admissions Officers, many of whom served on admissions committees at Ivy League universities. Our Ivy League college consultants employ a team-based, knowledge-sharing approach to maximize your Ivy League admission odds.

Our team has a deep understanding of what Ivy League colleges look for in applicants and realize that numerical perfection in grades and testing is necessary but not sufficient to gain admission to an Ivy League university. We will work with you to maximize your intellectual vitality and extracurricular ratings to become a competitive Ivy League applicant.

Ivy League College Consultants

Our Ivy League admissions consultants begin working with students as early as 6th grade and as late as senior year of high school. We work with students who come to us from 6th grade to 11th grade on increasing their intellectual vitality and extracurricular ratings to be competitive at Ivy League universities. We will recommend specific research projects and passion projects to maximize the ratings that Ivy League colleges use.

Our Ivy League admissions consultants work with high school seniors on every aspect of the college application process, from strategic positioning to calculated school list selection to the supplemental essays. We will work with you on developing a compelling Ivy League application narrative that showcases a unique profile, along with strong intellectual vitality and extracurricular components, to maximize your chances for Ivy League admission.

Ivy League Acceptance Letters


We are excited when we hear one of our students has been accepted to an Ivy League or other top university. Our students send us their college acceptance letters, which are the ultimate reviews for Solomon Admissions Consulting.

Click here or on the letters below to see a sampling of our students' acceptance letters.

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