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College Application Red Flags

College Application Red Flags

By Haley Artime / 03/22/2024

You can browse the internet all day to find ways to strengthen your college application profile, but what about things NOT to do?  Here are 7 college application red flags that will weaken your application and hurt your admissions chances: Students might be trying to think outside the box to make a better impression and…

Liberal Arts vs. University Education

Liberal Arts Schools vs. Universities: Finding the Best Choice for You

By Maura Connors / 02/02/2024

Are you a prospective student unsure of whether to attend a liberal arts college or a university? Choosing the right educational institution is a crucial decision that will shape your academic and professional journey. You may be asking yourself, are liberal arts schools better than universities? Or even, what is the difference between liberal arts…

Rolling Admissions - All you need to know!

Rolling College Admissions

By Adriana Diaz-Granados / 12/29/2023

The early bird gets the worm- even in the college application cycle. Each school falls under a different category for application deadlines and decision dates. In this article, we will discuss the schools that offer rolling admission.  What is Rolling Admission in College Applications? Rolling admissions means that there is not a set date in…

The Don'ts of College Admissions - What not to do

The Don’ts of College Admissions

By Adriana Diaz-Granados / 11/17/2023

The college application process can be an extremely anxious time for every student. While admissions officers understand that nerves are high, mistakes happen, and the process is confusing, there are some major “don’ts” that can make or break your admission decision. Below, I have added a few tips and tricks to ensure you avoid these…

What are the Liberal Arts?

What are the Liberal Arts?

By Solomon Team / 01/31/2023

The liberal arts provide a foundation of knowledge from learning about different topics, thinking critically about ideas, formulating arguments, communicating, and solving problems. It is a traditional form of higher learning and prepares students for various professions. It is not a political affiliation. More subjects than expected fall under the umbrella of liberal arts. They…

How to build good study habits

How to build good study habits

By Solomon Team / 11/22/2022

Building good study habits takes patience. Good study habits include studying in a quiet place (bedroom, library), taking study breaks, organization, and seeking academic tutoring. Studying is sometimes the last thing students want to do as they already have so much on their plates. Some students have a rigorous academic curriculum, conduct leadership in their…

Deferred or Rejected: Which is better?

Deferred or Rejected: Which is better?

By Solomon Team / 09/06/2022

The landscape of college applications and the multiple ways in which a student can apply to college can be confusing. Should a student use The Common Application, The Coalition Application, or a school’s unique application? Likewise, should they apply early decision, early action, restrictive early action, regular decision, or rolling admission? Adding to the confusion…

How to Decline Writing a Letter of Recommendation

How to Decline Writing a Letter of Recommendation

By Solomon Team / 08/30/2022

School counselors and teachers tasked with writing letters of recommendation for eager college-bound seniors would likely agree that the job, although a welcomed honor, is a labor of love. Educators spend countless hours drafting detailed and personalized letters on behalf of students in order to support their achievements. Often, letters are crafted with ease, knowing…

How Parent Involvement Leads to Student Success | Image

How Parent Involvement Leads to Student Success

By Solomon Team / 08/02/2022

Parenting today can be extremely challenging with multiple demands on your time through work and home responsibilities and carving out time to engage with your student around their schoolwork and activities can be daunting. Most parents feel comfortable with the level of interaction they have with their children’s schools, trusting the schools to educate and…

How to Prepare for a College Interview | Image

How to Prepare for a College Interview

By Solomon Team / 07/08/2022

Applying to colleges is a multifaceted process. From the essays to the letters of recommendation, every part of the application is vital to telling your narrative. Many schools have implemented an interview process in their application to allow students to further explain themselves, their goals, and their reason for wanting to attend that university. Below…