Transfer Admissions

Transfer Admissions Requirements

Transfer Admissions Requirements

By Alexis Colbert / 09/29/2023

When looking to change colleges, students are required to re-enter the admissions process. The application while having similarities is not exactly the same as that for applying as a first-year student graduating from high school. What application components stay the same, which differ, and what will you need to apply for transfer admission? Transfer Admission…

Is being a college transfer student difficult?

Is being a college transfer student difficult?

By Solomon Team / 03/21/2023

In the first few months of college as a first-year student, many students consider transferring to a different institution. There are many reasons students choose to transfer such as fit, lack of school resources, or cost. Whatever the reason, it is key to do extensive research on each institution of interest before applying to transfer.…

How to Transfer Colleges – Tips for Transfer Students | Image

How to Transfer Colleges – Tips for Transfer Students

By Solomon Team / 11/22/2022

Reasons for transferring colleges are varied, but each year, nearly 38% of college students choose to transfer institutions, according to data collected by the National Clearinghouse Research Center–that’s 4 out of 10 students. If you find yourself looking to transfer institutions, know that we are here to help. Solomon Admissions Consultants work with transfer students…

How To Transfer to the Ivy League | Image

How To Transfer to the Ivy League

By Solomon Team / 12/13/2021

Transferring to the Ivy League is a great college application strategy – especially now during the COVID-19 era when there is so much uncertainty in higher education. Many of the Ivy League schools recruit transfer students to add diversity and enhance the numbers of students in particular majors – including those that were undersubscribed in…

Research Required to be a Successful Transfer Applicant

Research Required to be a Successful Transfer Applicant

By Solomon Team / 08/07/2018

Many selective colleges and universities offer the opportunity to apply for fall and spring transfer admission. Transferring is competitive, requiring research, planning, and preparation. Applying as a transfer student allows you to demonstrate a strong fit based on your experience in college, performance in college-level coursework and knowledge of what type of academic environment you…

What is a supplemental application for college?

Three Tips for College Transfer Applicants (Webinar)

By Solomon Team / 12/29/2015

Transferring to an elite college is no easy task. Average transfer admission rates are several times lower than regular admission rates and at many top colleges are lower than Harvard’s regular admission rate. Watch the webinar to learn the intricacies of the Transfer Admissions Process. Visit our Admissions Consulting Youtube Channel