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A Guide to the Yale SOM Admissions Process - Essays, Interviews & Deadlines

About Yale’s School of Management

Yale SOM’s mission is "to educate leaders for business and society" and has been known as a powerful MBA program player for those who have an interest in the non-profit or public sectors.

While Yale is one of the newer business programs among top MBA programs, they offer a truly unique curriculum that appeals to those seeing a deeper study into the makeup and mechanics of global organizations and their impact on societies..

Yale School of Management Admissions Counselor

Yale SOM MBA Requirements

Yale SOM’s Integrated Curriculum requires students to complete their core coursework in year one, devoting their second year to electives. The basis of the curriculum design is teaching students to understand all aspects of an organization through various perspectives, thereby building their aptitude to be able to solve complicated issues throughout their careers by teaching them to see them differently.

First years take courses from two categories: "Orientation to Management" and "Organizational Perspectives." Basics of Accounting, Managing Groups and Teams, and Global Virtual Teams are examples of courses from the Orientation to Management category. Organizational Perspectives offer courses like Competitor, Customer or State and Society and are meant to teach students how to look at an organization from the viewpoints of these groups. Students’ finale is The Executive where they learn to take the position and view of a typical CEO.

In year two, students take their chosen electives with the opportunity to take coursework across Yale programs as the business school continues to make moves to integrate into the larger university, as evidenced by ten joint MBA degree offerings. These interdisciplinary opportunities draw many who have aspirations in not only business but specifically in the public sector. An international study experience is also a requirement of the program aimed at preparing graduates for global careers. With a focus on global opportunities, Yale offers a strong and tight-knit worldwide network to its graduates.

Yale MBA Application Requirements

The evaluation process at Yale is comprehensive, data-driven, and succinct. The admissions committee strives to provide a fair and accessible application to all who have an interest in their MBA program. Candidates may find it even feels shorter than other school applications and feels like it drives straight to the point. Assistant Dean of Admissions Bruce DelMonico reviews the YALE SOM approach to admissions evaluation in a video on the school website.

Your MBA Story

In short, the Yale SOM admissions approach can feel straightforward and comes down to not asking questions or requiring information that is not relevant to an applicant’s candidacy. The focus of evaluators will be on your MBA story, academic record, your future goals, career history and trajectory, and an in-person interview.  Overall, the impact you have on others, both personally and professionally, will be an important part of this story.

Yale Behavioral Assessment

Candidates should be ready to take the Yale Behavioral Assessment, an adaptive test administered online by ETS,  which was added to the application for the Class of 2022. These assessments naturally will measure inter and intrapersonal traits that Yale feels predict success in business school. The YALE SOM blog gives details on the goals of the test and its adaptation at the school.

In true spirit to the school’s mission, YALE offers an application fee structure based upon an applicant’s annual salary. In addition, they offer many instances in which application waivers can be granted. Each application is read by at least two members of the admissions committee, and ten most likely discussed in committee meetings throughout the rounds. Admissions interview invitations can come anytime during an application round. Not being invited to interview in one round does not mean an applicant can’t be invited in a later round and ultimately admitted.

As with all top business schools, it's a very competitive admissions environment, and we recommend using professional MBA admission consulting services.

Yale Essay Prompts

One of the elements of the application unique to Yale is the personal video where applicants are asked a series of questions, a requirement that Yale practically pioneered in the MBA world. Applicants should expect that this will carry significant weight in the evaluation process, yet is a great opportunity to add depth and personality to your application.

For the past four years, the single essay question has remained: Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made. A fairly simple question with only 500 words allowed, requires applicants to really think about what their MBA story should be and how that reflects the desire for a YALE MBA. "The idea is that to be successful you need to be action-oriented – what have you done in support of your commitment, what behaviors have you demonstrated," says Assistant Dean of Admissions Bruce DelMonico

School of Management Recommendation Letters

The application asks for two letters of recommendation, one of which from your most recent supervisor. Recommenders will submit letters, and be asked to complete a  series of sliding scale questions that rate a variety of behavioral traits in five major categories: Achievement, Influence, People, Personal Qualities, and Cognitive Abilities.

While well-known recommenders may seem like a great idea, you will want to make sure they know you well enough to write a letter that speaks to your accolades and growth areas.

Yale SOM MBA Interview Process

Many schools have debuted pre-interview questions that are doled out once applicants are accepted, and Yale is on that list. If invited to an interview, candidates are given a quote on which they have to reflect, and then write their own to be sent to interviewers before the actual meeting. Candidates interviewed by Yale will meet with students. The process is blind, meaning they will not have seen your application.

Yale MBA Application Consulting

With consistently strong rankings in the MBA application process, Yale is seeking to admit a class of well-rounded students who are potential disruptors, high achievers, and from a variety of different backgrounds and countries. As for any school to which you will apply, it will be valuable to your candidacy to show engagement with the program by attending live or virtual events, and reaching out to students and alumni.

With three application rounds each year, candidates should strongly consider the first two rounds, where the bulk of applications are submitted. Working alongside an MBA application consultant you are capable of understanding what Yale's MBA program is looking for and how to improve your chances of getting accepted.

For more information about the Yale SOM process, reach out to us via any of the contact options below.