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A Guide to the Kellogg Admissions Process - Essays, Interviews & Deadlines

About Northwestern Kellogg

The Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, founded in 1908, is currently ranked as one of the top three business schools.

With over 65,000 alumni, Kellogg has produced big names in business. Getting accepted into Kellogg School of Management can provide a starting point that can place you in some of the top CEO positions in the country.

So, what does it take to get accepted to this competitive program?

Northwestern Kellogg Admissions Counselor

What is Kellogg's MBA Program Looking For?

Kellogg likes to see applicants who are strong, motivated, and collaborative leaders who want to make an impact. Your work experience should show career progression and showcase your business acumen. You should also demonstrate that you are willing to challenge conventional thinking and collaborate to solve global issues.

Kellogg prides itself on a creative and diverse learning environment. You must be able to demonstrate your ability to approach business problems with intellect and energy. Class discussions are very engaging, and the admissions team wants to ensure that applicants will be able to contribute to class and group projects.

Kellogg MBA Application Requirements

The most recent Kellogg admit class had 559 students. Here’s what it takes to have a competitive application:

  • Average GMAT score: 727
  • Average GRE score: 163 Verbal, 163 Quantitative
  • Average Undergrad GPA: 3.6
  • Average work experience: 5 years

Students come from many different industries including Consulting, Financial Services, Technology, Government/Non-Profit, Media/Entertainment, and Consumer Products.

There are over 69 countries represented and 40% of the most recent class is female.

Kellogg Application Process

Your application will be evaluated holistically. Here’s a breakdown of the components:

1. GMAT/GRE scores

You must submit recent scores for either the GMAT or the GRE, however, no preference is given to either test. The average GMAT score is 727, and the average GRE score is 163 Verbal and 163 Quant.

There is no minimum acceptable score.

2. Essays

Kellogg is unique in that it has written and video essays. The written essays ask about your demonstrated leadership/challenges and what values are important to you. The video essay requires you to introduce yourself, tell why the program is for you, and discuss how you have overcome the challenges of 2020.

This is your chance to showcase your personality and talk about your passions. Make it personal, so admissions can get to know you.

3. All Interviews Are Virtual

Admissions use the interview to evaluate your interpersonal and communication skills and learn your motivations. But do not forget you should also use the interview as an opportunity to ask questions and decide if the program is right for you.

The interviewer will try to gauge the following:

  • Leadership Potential
  • Motivations For Attending Northwestern University
  • Challenges/Adversity You Have Faced
  • Potential to Contribute Something Special to the Class
4. Recommendations

You are required to submit two recommendations. Ideally, one from your supervisor and another from someone who knows you well enough to discuss your professional performance and leadership potential. When selecting your recommenders, keep in mind they need to provide detailed answers to questions about you.

Kellogg prides itself on creating well-rounded managers and leaders. They have eight majors to give students a unique intellectual experience. There are also global travel offerings to equip students to be global leaders.

Kellogg’s experiential learning allows students to learn from one another, as well as from faculty members and corporate partners, to solve critical business issues.

If you are interested in this competitive school, you will need to make your application stand out from the crowd. Find ways to make your personality and goals shine throughout your application.

The Kellogg admissions process can be overwhelming. If you need assistance, Solomon Admissions can provide guidance through the entire process.

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