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A Guide to the Stanford MBA Admissions Process - Essays, Interviews & Deadlines

About Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB)

As one of the top business schools in the world, the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) prides itself on attracting a diverse student body. Established in 1925 as an alternative to eastern business schools, Stanford GSB maintains its cutting-edge research and management education through rigorous curriculum and a focus on innovation.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, with GSB alumni including Phil Knight (founder of Nike) and Mary Barra (CEO of General Motors).

So, what does the Stanford GSB admissions team look for in their applicants?

Stanford MBA Admissions Counselor

What is Stanford
Looking For?

The Stanford GSB admissions team is driven by the school’s goal to develop innovative leaders who will motivate and inspire. They do not expect their applicants to fit one mold, therefore they do not have minimum acceptable scores for GMAT/GRE or undergrad GPAs. While no doubt those are important metrics, Stanford prefers to focus on where you have been, what you are currently doing, and where you are going.

Specifically, the Stanford GSB admissions committee wants applicants who take initiative, create positive change, bring diverse perspectives, and influence those around them. You will need to demonstrate that you have the leadership potential to change the world.

Further Criteria

The Stanford GSB admission rate is 6%. While the most recent class had 7,342 applicants, only 436 students were enrolled.

So, what is Stanford looking for in their applicants? Here are the numbers you need to reach:

Average GMAT score: 733

Average GRE score: 165 Verbal, 164 Quantitative

Average Undergrad GPA: 3.8

Acceptance rate: 6%

Average work experience: 4.7 years

Students come from many different industries including Private Equity/Venture Capital, Consulting, Technology, Government/Nonprofit, Arts, Media and Entertainment, Health Care, and Financial Services. There are over 66 countries represented, and 47% of the most recent class is female.

With such a competitive admissions environment, we strongly recommend considering taking on the help of our professional MBA admissions consultants.

Stanford MBA Application

Potential students are evaluated holistically. Here’s a breakdown of the components:

1. GMAT/GRE Scores

You must submit recent scores for either the GMAT or the GRE, though the school has no preference. The average GMAT score is 733 and the average GRE score is 165 Verbal and 164 Quantitative. However, there is a wide range of acceptable scores and the admissions committee takes into consideration what resources were available to you.

2. Essays

The essay is a way for admissions to get to know you. There are no right or wrong answers here. The admissions committee wants you to be genuine, reflect on your past and consider your future. Stanford’s essay questions are as follows:

  • What matters most to you, and why?
  • Why Stanford?

Stanford also has optional short answer questions that allow you to showcase your abilities and passions more completely.

3. Interview

Once you submit your application, you might be invited to interview with an alumni or MBA admissions officer. During the interview, expect to meaningfully discuss experiences that have shaped you. You should also use the opportunity to ask questions about the program and decide if it is right for you. The interviewer will look for the following:

  • Do you have leadership potential?
  • How do you overcome adversity?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What impact will you have on your classmates?
4.  References

Stanford GSB admissions committees are looking for solid reference letters from people who know you well. Choose wisely! Your recommenders need to provide specific examples of your work and talents.

5. Career Progression

Showcase your professional experiences and important projects that have propelled your career. Stanford likes to see focused, driven individuals who make an impact in their communities. Think about how you can demonstrate your leadership potential and social awareness.

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