Jessica Sibbing

Jessica Sibbing

Jessica Sibbing

Former Assistant Director of Admission at Rice University
4 Years in Rice University Admission
14,000+ Applications Read and Evaluated

Jessica has her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from The University of Texas. She also completed her MBA while working full time in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at her alma mater before transitioning to Rice University. As a first-generation college graduate, she is passionate about helping students apply to their dream schools.

In her four years at Rice, she recruited students from across the country with an emphasis in the Southeast United States, evaluated more than 14,000 applications, offered sessions on applying to highly selective universities, led admission case studies and advocated for students in admission committees. Jessica served on Rice’s Marketing & Communication team working on branding projects and crafting marketing email communications. In addition, she managed the senior interviewer program, served on strategic planning committees and assisted in creating a vibrant campus experience for visitors.

Jessica has an in-depth understanding of the overall admissions process and recognizes the importance of crafting a narrative in the college application. She utilizes her admissions and marketing experience to help students write an essay that reflects their unique perspective and experiences, establish their personal brand, and find their perfect college match.

Do SATs/ACTs matter for your college application?

Standardized Testing in College Admission

By Jessica Sibbing / 01/11/2024

Debunking the myths To submit testing, or not to submit testing, that is the question on every student’s mind, but how much do colleges even care about standardized scores? Even though most colleges today use a holistic review that considers various factors to determine admission, standardized testing is often still considered to be the greatest…