Delphine Byrd

Delphine Byrd

Delphine Byrd

Former Assistant Director of Admissions at University of Michigan Ann Arbor,
Former Associate Director of Admissions at University of Michigan Law School
Former Assistant Dean for Admissions at University of Florida College of Law,

18 years (combined) in University of Michigan Ann Arbor Undergraduate and Law School Admissions
2 years in University of Florida College of Law Admissions, 20,000+ Applications Read and Evaluated
Delphine has reviewed more than 20,000 applications, and has read well over 30,000 personal statements, and essays throughout her professional career. She has held decision-making positions at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, and the University of Florida. Moreover, she received the University of Michigan Distinguished Diversity Leaders Award, and a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition of Outstanding and Invaluable Service to the Community for her efforts in admissions and recruiting. During her tenure at UF Law, Delphine made all final admissions decisions, and was the Ex-officio member of the Faculty Admissions Committee. She was also responsible for all scholarship allocation determinations, including scholarship negotiations.

Delphine has traveled domestically and internationally as an ambassador for the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan Law School, and the University of Florida Levin College of Law.

Letters of Recommendation: An Introduction

Letters of Recommendation: An Overview

By Delphine Byrd / 04/12/2024

Colleges and universities review many items as part of a holistic application review: grades, courses, test scores, activity list/resume, and letters of recommendation (LOR). Let’s dive deeper into the role a LOR plays, and the different types of letters that can be submitted on an applicant’s behalf. Letters of Recommendation: What are they and why…