Adriana Diaz-Granados

Adriana Diaz-Granados

Adriana Diaz-Granados

Former Assistant Director of Admissions at Johns Hopkins University
Former Admissions Officer at Georgetown University Law Center

1 Year in Johns Hopkins University Admissions
2 Years in Georgetown Law Admissions
2,000+ Applications Read and Evaluated

Adriana is a Senior Admissions Consultant at Solomon. She earned her BA in Information Communication Technology from Florida State University, graduating with honors, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Higher Education Administration at Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies. Adriana's career in admissions began at Georgetown University Law Center and continued at Johns Hopkins University. She has expertise in reviewing a diverse range of domestic and international applications. Adriana is dedicated to helping students discover their 'why' and ensuring they find academic environments where they can succeed.

Rolling Admissions - All you need to know!

Rolling College Admissions

By Adriana Diaz-Granados / 12/29/2023

The early bird gets the worm- even in the college application cycle. Each school falls under a different category for application deadlines and decision dates. In this article, we will discuss the schools that offer rolling admission.  What is Rolling Admission in College Applications? Rolling admissions means that there is not a set date in…

The Don'ts of College Admissions - What not to do

The Don’ts of College Admissions

By Adriana Diaz-Granados / 11/17/2023

The college application process can be an extremely anxious time for every student. While admissions officers understand that nerves are high, mistakes happen, and the process is confusing, there are some major “don’ts” that can make or break your admission decision. Below, I have added a few tips and tricks to ensure you avoid these…