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The Early Action Admissions Process

Updated: Nov 15

College application season can be a stressful time for high school seniors. But, did you know that there’s a way to apply to colleges early and potentially have a less stressful senior year? This is where early action comes in!

Early Action (EA) is an undergraduate college admissions option that allows students to apply to colleges earlier than the regular admission deadline. This process is non-binding, meaning that students can still apply to other colleges and compare financial aid and scholarship offers. This option provides several benefits to students, including:

Showing Demonstrated Interest: By applying early, you're demonstrating to the college that you're serious about attending and invested in their program.

Earlier Decisions: Receiving a decision earlier than usual from a college can relieve stress and allow students to have more time to focus on other aspects of their senior year.

Non-Binding: Early action is non-binding, meaning that students are not required to attend the college if they are accepted. This allows them to weigh their options and compare offers from other schools.

Better Financial Aid: With early action, students may receive their financial aid and scholarship information sooner, which can help them make a more informed decision about which college to attend.

How to Apply for Early Action

Check the College’s deadlines: Make sure you’re aware of the college’s early action deadline and submit your application by the specified date.

Gather Materials: Just like a regular application, you’ll need transcripts, test scores, essays, and recommendations.

Submit Application: Submit your completed application, along with any required materials, by the early action deadline.

To learn more about early action and other college admission options, visit the links below:

Early action is a smart choice for students who want to potentially reduce the stress of their senior year and make the college application process easier. So, start researching colleges and gather your materials – early action could be the perfect fit for you!

Don't let the college application process stress you out – consider applying early action and take control of your future today! Call us or use the Contact form to speak with one of our admission consultants and discuss your student's dreams and aspirations.


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