Do Colleges Look Differently On the ACT and the SAT?

Do Colleges Look Differently On the ACT and the SAT? | Image

The short answer is No.

Colleges may ask for either the SAT or ACT, but they do not treat applicants differently based on which test scores are sent.

Either one will suffice and be treated equally. Some colleges may also be “test-optional”; they may not ask for any tests at all.

You may want to send them for informational purposes, but doing so will not increase your chances of getting in since they have made the decision not to weigh either the ACT or SAT in their process.

Another important issue is the issue of SAT Subject Tests. Not all colleges require students to take SAT Subject Tests, however, when they recommend that the student take them either way, it’s not really a recommendation but more of a requirement.

We at Solomon Admissions advise all students to take SAT Subject Tests. To find out more about tutoring for the SAT and the ACT, please visit our partner by clicking here.


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