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Is the College Admissions Process Fair?

A fair system? A former college admissions officer weighs in on the fairness of the college admissions system.

One of the things that keeps parents and students up late at night (and admissions consultants too!) is wondering whether the college admissions system is fair. While this time-honored debate wages on, the college admissions system is designed to assess a student's ability and potential to succeed in higher education. It is hardly a perfect system, as the process typically involves multiple factors, including academics, extracurricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation. This holistic approach allows for a well-rounded evaluation of the student and helps to determine if they are a good fit for the college.

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Moreover, the admissions process at most schools aims to be transparent and objective, with clear criteria and guidelines that are applied consistently to all applicants. This helps to eliminate any biases and ensures that all students have an equal opportunity to present their case for admission. In a recent survey, only 23% of high school students believe the college admissions process is a fair one. Almost half of students (47%) are unsure or indifferent about how fair the process really is. 44% of students believe colleges should help underserved populations pursue higher ed.

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Additionally, colleges and universities have established policies and procedures for reviewing applications and making admissions decisions. These processes are monitored and reviewed regularly to ensure that they are fair and consistent. This helps to maintain the integrity of the admissions process and prevent any unfair or unjust practices. These facts however don’t seem to quell the concerns that the college admissions process is overwhelming and that inequitable outcomes come as a result of advantages that are afforded to the wealthy and powerful.

In conclusion, while there may be some concerns and criticisms of the college admissions system, overall it is a fair and comprehensive approach that is designed to assess a student's ability and potential to succeed in higher education. Strides are being made to eliminate bias, reduce the value of legacy admissions and increase accessibility for students who have had the most challenges in life. It aims to provide all students with an equal opportunity to pursue their education and achieve their goals. If you need any assistance with your application, why not contact us today?


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