Application Regrets to Avoid

The college application process is a very personal and unique journey. You’re often asked to look back on your past and reflect on your failures and achievements.

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It may often feel like you’re in it alone, which is why we asked our friends at AdmitSee to share some application regrets from successful college applicants.

While everyone’s application journey will always be distinctly different, there are also many overlapping concerns. Learn from the mistakes these students from MIT, Princeton, and Vassar have made:

Even though I got into the school of my choice, I really regret waiting until the last moment to submit my application. Especially since MIT does not use the Common Application and the other colleges I applied to did. I had to juggle inputting information into two different application sites, along with keeping up with my school work and basketball. I ended up submitting my two early action applications the night before they were due. Pace yourself, and get those apps in as soon as you possibly can. That way, you don’t have to worry about as much at the same time.” – BeaverMIT19, MIT ‘19

I definitely would have started my application as soon as my schools released their essay questions and the Common App opened their website. I believe it would be much easier to focus on writing, editing, and proofreading essays in the summer because you won’t also have to balance homework and extracurricular activities. Since I waited until September to start on my applications, I spent many late nights working. I was often mentally and physically exhausted at that point, so I was not as productive as I could’ve been. I would also recommend having as many people as possible read over your essays and application. Because I had procrastinated so much, I was only able to ask one person to check over my application. Getting help from a fresh pair of eyes increases the chances of finding and fixing errors that you didn’t notice.” – 2019tiger, Princeton University ‘19

“Well, I am not that ashamed to say that I applied to 20 schools during my college application process, but I wished that I didn’t overdo myself by applying to schools that I’m not totally into, in order to increase my chances of admission. Instead, apply to schools where you find yourself happiest and that best fits your needs and interests. Overall, make the most out of the college application process by making a reasonable list of reach, match, and safety schools! And be ready if the outcomes does not go in your favor!” – CreativeJ, Vassar College ‘19

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