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Private School Admissions Consultants 


Our consultants will help you along every step of the application process to an independent school. Together, we will match your child with the school that fits him best. Over 90% of our clients are accepted into one of their

top-two choice schools.


Expert K-12 Admissions Advice

Applying to secure a spot in a private or boarding school is no easy task. Today, it is a highly competitive process, which involves multiple components from interviews to essays.


Our admissions consultants have helped hundreds of children be admitted into a myriad of independent schools in New England, New York, Washington DC, and other areas.


We help applicants apply to both private day and boarding schools, and can provide invaluable advice from the inside as our consultants have all served on the admissions committees of elite independent schools. We will provide you advice on all aspects of the application process and will make sure your child is accepted into the school they rightfully deserve.

Top Private School Services

Our Consultants Have Been on Admissions Committees of:

School Selection Consulting

Essay Editing and Application Help

Parent and Child Interview Preparation

Playgroup Coaching

School Tour Advising

"First Choice" School Consulting

Testing Advice

Preparation of Application Timeline

Waitlist Help

See our K-12 Admissions Case Studies

Admissions Consultants

Led by our team of admissions consultants who have served on the admissions committees of some of the best private day and boarding schools in the country, we provide customized admissions advice to perfect each applicant's independent school application.

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We are excited when we hear one of our students has been accepted to a top private school. Our students send us their acceptance letters, which are the ultimate reviews for Solomon Admissions Consulting.

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