Avon Old Farms School Admission Counselors

A Guide to the Avon Old Farms Admissions Process

What is Avon Old Farms Looking For?

The Avon Old Farms School for boys is looking for well-rounded young men of strong moral character and work ethic. It is a close-knit, valued-centered school that builds students of integrity who honor wisdom, justice, inclusion, service, and the pursuit of truth.

The ideal applicants are well-rounded students who perform in the classroom, athletic fields, and the arts.

Avon Old Farms School Admissions Counselor

What is academic excellence in the eyes of Avon Old Farms?

It’s not about perfection. The school recognizes that adolescence is a journey of discovery where boys can be at different places on their path. They focus on meeting a student where they are at, surround them with a strong supporting cast of teachers, mentors, and coaches who help guide them on their journey.
Boys who want an educational environment where they can grow, learn about who they are without fear of failure, and feel supported are encouraged to apply.

Aspirando et Perseverando

The school was founded in 1927 by Theodate Pope Riddle to be an indestructible school for boys. Avon’s motto of Aspirando et Perseverando, which translates to aspiring and persevering, embodies the school’s philosophy of evaluating candidates. Prospects who have blemishes on their transcript are not disqualified from the admissions process if they can articulate and demonstrate their earnestness to improve.

Applicants selected for admission to Avon Old Farms would have these academic credentials.

Solid academic achievement

Strong interest in STEM

Letters of recommendation from the previous school

Students who lead through participation in class

Examples of applicants with exceptional talents at Avon Old Farms would be:

  • A multi-sport athlete and team captain

  • Talented musician

  • Skilled studio artist

  • A singer who is a member of an elite singing ensemble

  • An enthusiastic participant in community service

This is the tip of the iceberg. For more information on how to approach applying to Avon Old Farms School, feel free to via any of the contact options below.