Green Acres School Admission Counselors

A Guide to the Green Acres Admissions Process

A Little Background on Green Acres School:

Green Acres School is a progressive school that instills a strong set of academic, interpersonal, and leadership skills that will stay with students well into adulthood and all of the milestones along the way.

This progressive approach features:

Experiences that matter

Faculty focuses on creating as many authentic learning experiences as possible and opportunities that encourage them to think critically and produce work that is meaningful and has value beyond the walls of the school.

True intellectual challenge

Engaging and challenging work are interwoven as students become true masters of their learning through creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and innovation.

Learning by doing

Hands-on experiences and participating fully in their education are hallmarks of a Green Acres education.  This deepens their learning and builds an intrinsic interest and a motivation to learn which, in turn, sets them up for a lifetime of effort and achievement both inside and outside of school.

Respect for children’s natural curiosity

Faculty have the exceptional ability to tap into students’ genuine excitement for learning and intentionally craft projects and assignments that are meaningful and spark their interests.

An emphasis on the social-emotional well-being of children

For 85 years, Green Acres has been a school that places value on the whole child. The social and emotional development of children goes hand-in-hand with their cognitive development.

Democracy in action

Students' voices are truly valued at Green Acres and there are encouraged to share their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and feelings.  There is also respect modeled for all individuals, cultures, and the environment.

Diversity at Green Acres School

Diversity committees meet regularly for sharing and generating ideas for programs, initiatives, practices, and new ways of authentically valuing and advancing diversity. Committees include parents, current and past staff, and trustees who work on policies, strategic planning, programs, and activities for the school community. The admissions office looks at a variety of things that promote inclusion and diversity in the community including, but not limited to ability, age, diet, ethnicity, gender identity, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and all the ways they intersect.

What is the future for Green Acres graduates?

Green Acres graduates are expected to work hard and to think hard.  Students are allowed to explore their passions and Green Acres helps to inspire the innate curiosity that all children have.  As a result, more than 90% of students who apply to independent high schools are offered admission to their top-choice high school.

For more information about the Green Acres process, reach out to us via any of the contact options below.