Collegiate School Admission Counselors

A Guide to the Collegiate Admissions Process

What is Collegiate School in New York Looking For?

Academic excellence. A passion for intellectual and personal growth. Collegiate expects their students to take their academic responsibilities seriously but also possess enough humility not to take themselves too seriously. Applicants should be ready to explain why they will profit from the intense academic program offered by Collegiate as well as why they will benefit from a single-sex education.

Throughout their admissions application, candidates should highlight how they will contribute their own special talents, abilities, imagination, and curiosity to the school community.

Collegiate School Admissions Counselor

What is Academic Excellence in the Eyes of Collegiate?

Collegiate applicants should be fueled by curiosity and motivation, and plan on using their acquired knowledge to “lead and serve.”

Applicants to Collegiate must enjoy the learning process and be able to comprehend their assignments on a deeper level than most, thinking critically and interpretatively about the premise and purpose of every task.

Unlike many other independent schools, Collegiate requires a graded writing sample as part of their application. They are looking for strong readers, writers, listeners, and speakers. Over 25% of the Collegiate School faculty holds a Ph.D.

Small, philosophical group discussions are encouraged. Applicants should be ready to talk about their rewarding life experiences and how the knowledge gained from these experiences will benefit others.

Reputation: A Long History of College Prep

Opening its doors in 1628, Collegiate is the oldest independent school in the United States. Although they do not label themselves as a traditional or progressive school, tradition is highly valued here. The admissions office gives siblings and legacies top priority. Applicants applying without a connection to the school must have an outstanding academic record, preferably highlighted by a special talent or accomplishment.

95% of Collegiate School graduates qualify for advanced standing in college and Collegiate Seniors average in the ninetieth percentile on their SAT tests. The school has a reputation for sending its graduates to the top Colleges in the country.

How Can You Stand Out During Collegiate Admissions

outstanding academic record

Applicants should have an outstanding academic record, including top standardized test results, paired with active extra-curricular interests, excelling in at least one area of the arts or academia.

independence and leadership

When applying to Collegiate, applicants should be ready to demonstrate their independence and leadership skills.  Dedication to one’s work, interests and self-development should be expressed during the applicant’s in-person interview.

community service

A record of community service is highly desirable, especially within an organization supporting a local cause in New York City.

well-rounded individuals

The admissions committee is seeking unique, well-rounded individuals with a passion for academia and a drive to succeed.  Applicants who have received recognition for their efforts in academics or the arts are strongly encouraged to apply.

Diversity at Collegiate School

  • Though they do not publish their diversity statistics, Collegiate’s allegiance to their siblings and legacies has left them less diverse than their competitor schools. Applicants of color, multilingual families, and families that live a distance from the school’s Upper West Side Location are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • Each year, financial aid is awarded to approximately 20% of the student body.

  • The admissions office is looking at the race, ethnicity, religion, economics, geography, and family lifestyles of their applicants.

Applicants Selected for Admissions Have These Academic Credentials:

  • Top 10% of high school class

  • A course load including at least 2 AP courses

  • ERB or ISEE scores in the 90th percentile

  • Glowing letters of recommendation from past several years from his/her previous school

  • A passion for academia and a drive to be a successful leader in an artistic or academic field

Examples of Applicants With Special Talents

  • Award-winning writer or scholar
  • Leader of a community service initiative
  • A young entrepreneur
  • The captain of an athletic team
  • Talented actor, musician, or artist

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