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Innovative Admissions Advice


Most applicants blend into the crowd. We'll help you stand out and get in. 

Law School Admissions Consulting


Our founders are graduates of Georgetown University Law Center, who have experience working at some of the largest international law firms in the world. We work with applicants to position them in the most advantageous manner, to help them in drafting compelling personal statements, to help them craft memorable school-specific essays and diversity statements, and to ensure that their recommendation letters present them in the best light possible. We can do this because we understand what each top law school looks for in its candidates and we know how to position our clients to maximize their chances for admission. 



Strategic Positioning Consulting

Personal Statement Assistance

Supplemental Essays Assistance

Diversity Statement Help

Insider Information on School Preferences

Shoring Up Weaknesses

Extracurricular Activities Consulting

Letters of Recommendation

Help with Getting Off Waitlist


Client Placement 


Yale Law School                                       

Columbia Law School

NYU School of Law

University of Michigan Law School

Georgetown University Law Center

Duke University School of Law

GW Law School

USC Gould School of Law

and more... 

Admissions Consultants


Led by our attorney founders, we provide comprehensive law school admissions advice, which comes not from books, but from personal experience. In addition, we offer high-level career advice, which comes from years of legal practice.

Contact Us


We invite you to speak with one of our admissions consultants to discuss your student's dreams and aspirations.  


Phone:   1.646.598.8174

Fax:      1.855.258.1563


Hours:    Mon-Fri 9 AM - 8 PM EST

               Sat-Sun 9 AM - 6 PM EST 


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