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Ivy League, Tier 1 & Top 20 School Admission Consulting

Since our consultants tend to be type-A personality individuals who are accomplished professionals in their respective fields, our competitive zeal translates into fighting fiercely to get you into your top choice colleges.


We take it personally if you don’t get in.

Right Recommenders and Right Recommendations

Most top students have surprisingly bland recommendation letters; we don’t let our clients get away with anything less than glowing letters. We advise you on which teachers would be best positioned to write you recommendation letters and how they would best be able to speak to your specific academic and personal strengths. We also help you prepare a cover letter, resume and portfolio of work from a recommender’s class to present at a personal meeting to maximize your recommendation letter’s impact on readers.

All of our college admissions consultants have extensive experience positioning undergraduate and graduate school applicants. The whole application needs to tell a story, to give the reader a narrative, and instead what admissions boards often see is a mishmash of contradicting information. Strategic positioning requires a comprehensive analysis of the applicant, the schools to be applied to, and of the various strengths and weaknesses of the applicant.

At the end, we make sure each applicant stands out from the crowd.

Strategic Positioning Consulting

Insider Information

Every university looks for different things in its applicants, and to those who don't know each school's particular preferences, college application results often seem random and unpredictable. They're nothing of the kind. All of our consultants have been on the admissions committees of top undergraduate and professional graduate programs, having read countless applications and knowing exactly what distinguishes the acceptances from the borderline rejections. We will tell you what each particular institution is searching for in those students it admits.

Personal Statement Assistance

The personal statement is the most important part of the college application and yet many applicants today continue to make mistakes in tone, content, or even topic. As part of our service, we will help you craft a compelling personal statement, which will showcase your hobbies, interests, and passions in a concise and compelling manner. We love assisting applicants in demonstrating their inner uniqueness in a beautifully written essay.

Graduate School Advising

For most of our students, education does not end with a bachelor's degree. Because an advanced degree is required for the most in-demand jobs and professions, many students will move on to graduate education after college. As part of our service, a former graduate school admissions officer from one of the best medical schools, engineering graduate schools, or MBA programs in the country, will help guide your child in choosing the best undergraduate institution for his or her post-graduate goals.

Mock Interviews and Financial Aid 

We prepare you for both on-campus and alumni interviews by teaching you to dictate your interview so tha­­t you control what is written on the interview evaluations by guiding the content and flow of the interview itself. Our admissions officers will prepare you for common questions that are asked during interviews and how to answer them effectively. We also give you the inside details on which schools will take financial need into consideration when deciding who to accept and deny. 

Acceptance Rates

2022 Acceptance Rates

​We care very much about trust and transparency, and that is why we have our students' acceptance results reviewed by a Vault 50 independent accounting firm, BPM Accounting. Below is the Independent Accountant's Report for the 2021-2022 Admissions Cycle.​

Success Stories


We get no-nonsense results, as evidenced by undergraduate placement of our past clients at: 


  • Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Princeton, Yale

  • Penn Wharton and M&T, Brown PLME (8-year direct admit AB/MD medical school program), Northwestern HPME (8-year medical program), Rice/Baylor Medical Scholars Program

  • Columbia, Duke, Dartmouth, Swarthmore, Amherst, UC-Berkeley Engineering (including EE/CS)

See a sampling of our client acceptance letters here, which are the ultimate reviews for Solomon Admissions Consulting.

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