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A Guide to the Princeton Admissions Process - Essays, Interviews & Deadlines

About Princeton University

Princeton University is an esteemed Ivy League institution, renowned for its rigorous academic programs and vibrant community of scholars. It stands out for its requirement of a senior thesis from all students, regardless of their major, underscoring its emphasis on research and intellectual development. With a competitive acceptance rate of just 6%, gaining admission to Princeton is a challenging task. Our comprehensive guide to Princeton University Admissions, backed by insights from former Princeton Admissions officers, will help you navigate your journey toward a successful application.

Princeton University Admissions Counselor

What is Princeton Looking For in an Applicant?

Academic Factors

  • GPA and how it is calculated/recalculated: Princeton values a strong academic record and doesn't solely rely on GPA. However, the institution encourages students to challenge themselves academically through advanced coursework, such as AP or IB classes.
  • Test scores (SAT/ACT): Princeton is test-optional for the Class of 2026. Strong test scores can still bolster your application.
  • Graded Written Paper: Princeton requires a graded written paper, preferably in English or History, to assess the student's written expression in an academic setting.

Further Criteria

Letters of Recommendation

Two academic recommendations from teachers and one from a counselor are required. These should highlight your academic strengths, character, and potential for success.

Extra-curricular Factors

Examples of activities that demonstrate high ratings: Leadership roles in clubs or organizations, community service, research experience, or significant achievements in sports, arts, or other fields.

Additional Factors

Intellectual vitality, research experience, leadership, etc.: Princeton appreciates applicants who demonstrate intellectual curiosity, a passion for learning, and a commitment to impacting their communities. Highlighting your interest in the unique senior thesis requirement can show a deeper knowledge of Princeton.

Princeton's Acceptance Rate

Current National Average acceptance rate for Princeton: 6%

Solomon Admissions Consulting's Acceptance Rate for Princeton:

The success rate for Solomon's clients in the 2021-22 admissions cycle: 11.4 times better than the national average acceptance rate:
50% of our 20 applicants gained acceptance.

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The Solomon Advantage

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Major-specific Information when applying to Princeton

Admitted GPA for specific majors/programs: Princeton does not provide admitted GPA statistics by major, but a strong academic record is essential for all applicants. Tips for applying to competitive or in-demand majors: Demonstrate your passion for your chosen field through extracurricular activities, research, internships, or other relevant experiences. Showing an orientation towards thesis development and research is a plus.

Admissions Essays/Personal Statements

Brief excerpts or tips on how to approach the Princeton-specific essay prompts: Focus on conveying your intellectual curiosity, passion for learning, and how the programs offered at Princeton suit your interests. Use specific examples to illustrate your points, and be sure to mention unique opportunities at Princeton that make it the perfect place to pursue your major.

Unique Considerations regarding Princeton

Princeton stands out due to its emphasis on undergraduate teaching and education, facilitated through precepts/labs for each course, enabling students to work closely with professors. It mandates independent work, requiring two junior papers and a senior thesis. Its safe, suburban environment, along with the residential college system that ensures housing all four years, makes it an ideal academic setting.

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