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College Student Transfer Consulting Services

Transfer Admissions Applications
Transfer Admissions Applications

The Transfer Admissions Process

If you didn't find a perfect college fit the first time, we completely understand the frustration. Transferring to another college has helped countless students find their place and we provide detailed counseling on the transfer admissions process.


We at Solomon Admissions Consulting have a thorough understanding of the transfer student admissions process at the top schools in the country and realize that transfer applicants face far steeper odds than freshman admission candidates.


As a result, our transfer admissions advice comprises a comprehensive approach to tackling the process.


As part of our service, we work on everything from Personal Statements to the all-important Professor Recommendation Letters.


Perhaps even more importantly, we help students find the schools that match their goals and ambitions.

We have successfully placed transfer applicants at most of the top schools, which often have a less than 5% transfer applicant acceptance rate, and we would be more than happy to help you achieve the same result.

Our process has proven successful for students from an incredible variety of backgrounds. Check out our Transfer Student case studies to learn more!

Our Services

  • Identifying Schools which Fit the Applicant. We sit down with each transfer applicant and determine what they are looking for from their college experience. We then discuss various schools that could potentially be a good fit and help the applicant decide on the right choice.

  • Diagnosing and Correcting Mistakes. We analyze each of the client's original college applications and weed out the mistakes that contributed to the unfavorable result. We then identify ways to correct those mistakes through a combination of strategic positioning and guidance on essays and activities.

  • Personal Statements. Personal statements written by transfer applicants should emphasize a different message than ones written by high-school students and we customize personal statements for each respective college, highlighting what each school generally looks for in its transfer applicants.

  • Professor Recommendation Letters. We pay very serious attention to the recommendation letters that are submitted to colleges on behalf of our transfer applicants. As part of our services, we will advise on what points the applicant should want to be emphasized in these letters if he wants to be admitted to the top programs in the country.

  • Advice on Academic Curriculum. Many students may not be aware that what is very important when applying to transfer to another school is the choice of courses that the student has made in his current school. We advise on which courses would best help our applicants get in to the school of their dreams. 

Solomon Admissions Consulting in the News

For instance, "If you want to be an investment banker and work on Wall Street and go into finance, there are certain schools that are target schools for investment banks," he says.

US News & World Report

Dan Lee, founder of Solomon Admissions Consulting, says “transfer students tend to be happier about their decision because it was a conscious choice that they made.” 

The Huffington Post

Three Tips for College Transfer Applicants

Transferring to an elite college is no easy task. Average transfer admission rates are several times lower than regular admission rates and at many top colleges are lower than Harvard's regular admission rate.


Watch the webinar to learn how to: 
1. Navigate the Transfer Admissions Process
2. Position Your Application

3. Recommendation Letters

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