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Below are some of the publications in which representatives of Solomon Admissions Consulting have been featured or interviewed.




The Global Business of College Admission: An Interview with Vitaly Borishan

15 Ways to Beat Big Data in College Admissions (According To Those Who Make Admissions Decisions) 

Is It Moral And Ethical To Pay For An Advantage In The College Admissions Process 

As Art and Design School Applications drop, Admissions Consultants Help Students Pivot

Medical School Admissions And Personal Branding From A Marketing Perspective

Ten Lessons Learned From Failure


How To Get Into MIT Sloan’s Full-Time MBA Program

A Recommendation Letter Can Make or Break Your MBA Application


U.S. News & World Report


Can Your College Admissions Offer Be Revoked?

How to Get a Low-Cost or Free MBA

Consider Choosing a Medical School Admissions Consultant Carefully

Transferring Colleges: 8 Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Good LSAT Score?

Applying to Private Schools: A Guide for K-12 Families

What to Know About Restrictive Early Action

Time Magazine

Does Being a Social Media Influencer Help You Get Into College? We Asked Admissions Experts

The Huffington Post 

The Top Ten Takeaways from a Two-Time Transfer

Entrepreneur Magazine

Why Private College Admissions Consulting Has Become the Rule

Study Shows Public School Students Do Better than Private School Students in College Admission To Top US  Universities

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Public School Students Struggling to Get Into Top Colleges 

The Harvard Crimson

Who Gets Likely Letters?

The Brown Daily Herald

Applicants struggle with structural flaws in pre-health advising system

Early decision applications face uncertain future

The Dartmouth

College ranked 11th by U.S. News

Yahoo Finance

Solomon Admissions Consulting Has Been Ranked Tier 1 Among College Admissions Consultants By Entrepreneur Magazine 

First Firm in College Admissions Consulting Industry Has Its Success Rates Reviewed by a Vault 50 Independent Accounting Firm

College Testing Inequities And Rising Costs Persist


How Applying to College Will Be Different This Year, Thanks to the Coronavirus Epidemic 


Solomon Admissions Consulting Has Been Ranked Tier 1 Among College Admissions Consultants By Entrepreneur Magazine 



Is It Too Late To Go To Medical School? The Benefits (And Challenges) Of Being A Nontraditional Applicant

Business Insider

3 smart ways to make the most of a gap year and boost your college and career prospects

The Daily Princetonian

Pulling back the veil: The truth about Princeton admissions


College Testing Inequities And Rising Costs Persist



CollegeGPT: The role of A.I. in future college essays and admissions

The Daily Northwestern

Northwestern adapts new application process in wake of Supreme Court affirmative action ruling. (Contribution from Cathleen Sheils, Senior Associate Director of College Counseling at Solomon)

Houston Chronicle

Solomon CoFounder, Dan Lee provided insight on first-generation student struggles and equity in higher education

Solomon CoFounder, Dan Lee contributed to an article: Pro tips from college admissions leaders Texas seniors should know

Television Appearances

Fox News

CBS Inside Edition

Fox 5 New York

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