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A Guide to the Baylor Medical Admissions Process - Essays, Interviews & Deadlines

Baylor Medical School Mission Statement

Baylor College of Medicine is a health sciences university that creates knowledge and applies science and discoveries to further education, healthcare, and community service locally and globally.

Baylor Medical School Admissions Counselor

Baylor Admissions Committee Mission

The admissions office states that the college is looking for:

  • Diversity to strengthen our institution by increasing talent and ensuring a fuller perspective
  • High intellectual ability
  • Evidence of a strong interest in medicine
  • A high level of personal integrity
  • Varied experiences
  • Attributes and experiences that demonstrate leadership and exceptional service to others

Baylor Secondary Application Questions

The current secondary application consists of only one prompt:

Indicate any special experiences, unusual factors or other information you feel would be helpful in evaluating you, including, but not limited to, education, employment, extracurricular activities, prevailing over adversity. You may expand upon but not repeat AMCAS application information. 2000 character limit.


Many prospective students view this as a “diversity prompt,” and there’s certainly some truth to that characterization. BCM seeks to create a diverse class with a range of perspectives and strengths, and the applicants’ answers to this additional question can be used to facilitate creating such a class. Thus, if you have a special or unusual background and/or have overcome significant adversity in order to make it to medical school applications, this is the place to share that story if you haven’t already. Even if your primary application has referenced such a story, this prompt can be used to flesh out your story with significant additional details.

It is important to keep in mind that diversity includes a diversity of all kinds, not just ethnic diversity. The prompt asks for special experiences in education, employment, and activities, and a compelling essay about what makes you interesting in any of those areas is an excellent secondary response.

That could include a unique academic pursuit, an internship or job outside medicine, or any avocation you are passionate about. The admissions committee wants to fill the class with energetic, motivated people, and if you happen to be an acclaimed cellist or a ski instructor, this is a great opportunity to show or add detail to another side of yourself.

However, it is also very important that you DO NOT repeat information that is available in your primary AMCAS application. Trust me – as a former member of the BCM admissions committee, there is nothing more painful than reading through an entire AMCAS application, only to find the secondary is nothing more than a remix of the previous information.

I recommend you review your CV with your AMCAS and see if there is something noteworthy that you haven’t covered. If there is, consider that as a topic. If there isn’t, think about either expanding on something that you were unable to describe in detail on your primary or reflect on your background for any particularly important stories or passions that reveal how your character matches one or more of the qualities BCM is looking for.

Finally, when you think about what to write in this essay (and all of your secondary essays), put yourself in the shoes of the committee members reading your application. Admissions committee members have to read through hundreds of these, and many of them sound very similar. Most personal statements say something like, “I am passionate about both service and science, and therefore medicine is for me.”

Most activity essays focus on one clinical experience, one research experience, and one other. And there’s nothing wrong with that; they sound the same because those ARE attributes and experiences that lead to a career in medicine. Still, it is nice to read about something else – and the secondary is a great place to do that. Show the committee something about your drive, leadership, or devotion to service another way.

Baylor Medical School Application Timeline

AMCAS Application Submission Deadline: November 1, 2023

Supplemental Application Deadline: June 1, 2021 - October 30, 2023

Letter of Recommendation Deadline: November 15, 2023

All applicants will be invited to complete a secondary application.

Additional Application Information:

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