PreMed Admission Consulting

Pre-Med Admission Consulting is intended for college freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who are seeking to apply to Medical School after they graduate from college. We at Solomon Admissions Consulting, guide students in this process by pairing them Exclusively with Doctor and Admission Officer Consultants who draw up a Comprehensive Coaching Plan and a set of specific activities for both the school year and the summers so as to maximize the student's chances of being accepted at his dream school.

Our service prepares college freshmen, sophomores, and juniors for application to medical school. For Application Only service, please click here.


Completing research while in college is an absolute necessity for applicants to Medical School. These days, medical schools expect would-be medical students to do research both in the school year and in the summer.

The research does not need to be clinical, but it should be related to health care.  Our Doctor and Admission Officer Consultants will help you understand what type of research to pursue and will help you in seeking out professors with whom you will be able to do research.

Clinical Experience

Clinical Experience is a well-known must for medical school applicants, but most students end up simply handing out blankets or observing a doctor perform surgery.

These types of activities can be performed by any student, and this is why our consultants guide our students to engage in much more unique and interesting patient-care narratives. We make sure the student stands out and shows a life-long commitment to medicine prior to their medical studies.

Volunteer Experience

Volunteer Experience is practiced by many pre-med students, but most students don't understand that charitable activities that are limited to the campus or one-time mission projects are looked down upon by medical school admission committees.

As part of our service, we will help you find unique volunteer work, which will have a large, long-term impact on the community, and which will help your admissions chances.

Exclusively Admission Officers 

We know that students will have questions throughout the process, and we also understand that you can't find most of the necessary inside information online. That is why all of our consulting and support will be provided exclusively by Former Admission Officers of medical schools across the country.

They have seen thousands of applications and they are best positioned to guide future medical students on how to maximize their pre-med track.

In addition to the Pre-Med Admission Consulting described above, our Pre-Med Coaching packages also include comprehensive application help that students receive as part of the Application Only package. This includes the services below.

Strategic Positioning Consulting & School Selection Help

Our Admission Officer consultants will analyze your candidacy, suggest medical schools which would be a good match for your career goals, and will help you formulate your narrative.

Personal Statement Assistance

Our consultants will help you craft a compelling and unique personal statement, which will showcase your strengths and experiences in a concise and compelling manner.

Secondary Application Assistance

Our consultants will advise you on how to approach the different questions and will help you compose memorable and exceptional secondary essays in a timely manner. 

Mock Interview Preparation

We will prepare you for medical school interviews by analyzing your candidacy, outlining what you should emphasize in the interview, going through a mock interview, and by improving your presentation skills.

Insider Information on Medical School Preferences

Our consultants will help you understand what each specific medical school is looking for and will help you emphasize that part of your background which will be most helpful when applying to that school.

AMCAS Application Help

As part of our service, we will help you craft a timeline for submission of all of your materials and will assist you in creating a perfect application in both content and style.

Extracurricular Activities Consulting

Our consultants will advise you on which activities to include, will consult you on how to present these activities in the best light possible and will share with you techniques that have been the most successful when composing these sections. 

Letters of Recommendation

Our consultants will advise you on which professors, advisors, or managers would be best positioned to write you recommendation letters and how they would best be able to speak to your specific academic and personal strengths. 

Choosing a Med School Admissions Consultant

Choosing a Medical School Admission Consultant

There is no national ranking system of the best medical school admission consultants and so there's no easy way to determine if an admission consultant is qualified and knowledgeable about the medical school admissions process.

So how should you choose a consultant? Click below for a checklist of important criteria and necessary questions to ask a potential medical school admissions consultant.