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MBA Admission Consultants

Our MBA admission consultants have admissions committee experience at the top MBA programs in the country, and have read countless applications.


They advise applicants on interviews, resumes, helpful extracurricular activities and overall admissions applications. 

Sarah Goebel, MBA Admission Consultant

Sarah J. Goebel (Sally)

Former Senior Associate Director of Admissions

   Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania

Former Director of On-Campus Recruitment Programs

   University of Pennsylvania

5 Years in Wharton MBA Admissions
3 Years in Penn Undergraduate Admissions
10,000+ Applications Read and Evaluated

Sally’s professional experience combines nearly a decade of Ivy League admissions work with more than 20 years advising students and parents in prestigious college preparatory schools regarding admissions and financial aid. Sally’s Ivy League experience spans Penn undergraduate and Wharton MBA admissions, and includes reading and evaluating many thousands of applications, executing final decision authority, training teams of auxiliary application readers, and conducting sessions to advise applicants.

Sally’s expertise regarding strategic positioning and compelling personal messaging helps applicants convey their achievements, talents and aspirations to yield optimal presentation and delivery. Sally holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. Sally has had a 30 year career in admissions, including more than 20 years as admissions director.

Sylvia Leong, MBA Admission Consultant

Sylvia Leong

Former Director of Admissions

   Carnegie Mellon University

Former Sr. Associate Director

   University of Southern California


4 Years in CMU Silicon Valley Admissions

5 Years in USC Marshall School of Business Admissions

Sylvia graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Mass Communications.  She began her career in corporate recruitment, interviewing and hiring college grads for a financial services company in San Francisco.  After discovering how much she enjoyed working with university career centers, she transitioned to higher education, recruiting and assessing students for graduate school.  As former Senior Associate Director for University of Southern California’s MBA program, she reviewed thousands of applications and conducted hundreds of interviews for admission.  She then moved onto Carnegie Mellon University’s Silicon Valley campus, focusing on graduate engineering programs.  As the Director of Admissions, she designed and implemented an admissions process for the campus and worked with faculty to admit a diverse class each year.


Sylvia has traveled extensively, recruiting and interviewing students from China, India, South America and other countries.  Her background of 15+ years in corporate recruitment and higher education have given her keen insight into what makes an applicant stand out.  She believes everyone has a unique story to tell, and her passion is in helping students find their voice and share their story.

Natalie Lahiff, MBA Admission Consultant

Natalie Lahiff

Former MBA Admissions Advisor

  The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania


3,000+ Applications Read and Evaluated


Natalie Lahiff was an integral part of the MBA Admissions Committee for the Wharton School

of the University of Pennsylvania, interviewing and advising potential applicants, reading and

evaluating applications, and recruiting candidates through various admissions events.

Natalie understands the importance of a solid, compelling application when applying to top-tier

business schools. She focuses on her clients’ unique stories and assists them in delivering a

clear personal narrative that will set them apart from other applicants.


Natalie’s career spans several other industries including editing, education, finance, and real

estate. She also has a vast amount of experience working with current and former military

members, helping them translate those skills into the business world.

John Enyart, MBA Admission Consultant

John W. Enyart

Former Director of MBA and Graduate Admissions

   Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Former Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

   Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh


11 years of undergraduate admissions directorships for engineering, sciences and liberal arts

9 years of graduate admissions directorships for business and natural sciences

26,000+ Admissions Decisions (final authority)


Mr. Enyart draws on his experience with a wide spectrum of select academic programs and admissions processes as a teacher and director of admissions. Prior to launching his own technology companies, he spent over 20 years leading both graduate and undergraduate admissions programs. Mr. Enyart retired from academia as Director of MBA and Graduate Admissions and faculty member at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to his tenure at Penn, Mr. Enyart was a Professor and Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at the Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh.


John brings both a deep perspective on compelling admissions packages, as well as an acute awareness of current and unfolding STEM and business school communities, with a focus on integrating academic and professional opportunities. Throughout his career, John has been a dedicated mentor to hundreds of students and professionals and is distinguished by the extensive advising experience he brings to his consulting clients.  Mr. Enyart holds undergraduate degrees in Engineering and Physics from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Nicholas Accrocco, MBA Admissions Consultant

Nicholas Accrocco

Former Assistant Director of Admissions

   Kogod School of Business, American University

Former Auxiliary Application Reader

   University of Pennsylvania

Former Admissions Counselor

   Vanderbilt University

1 Year in University of Pennsylvania Admissions

1 Year in American University Admissions

3 Years in Vanderbilt University Admissions

7,000+ Applications Read and Evaluated


Dr. Nick J. Accrocco has a passion for helping students in the admissions process as a Former Assistant Director of Admissions at Kogod School of Business at American University. Nick's experience during his time in admissions has given him insight as to what is valued within admissions committees from his work at Vanderbilt University and the University of Pennsylvania. He has helped countless students with understanding the nuances of selective college admissions, fine-tuning all aspects of their business applications, as well as preparation for college interviews.

Combining years of admissions experience at both the graduate and undergraduate level, as well as helping hundreds of students apply to selective colleges and universities.

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