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Phillips Academy Andover Admissions

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Phillips Academy Andover Admissions Guidance


What is Phillips Academy (Andover) Looking For?


Unlimited curiosity, an open-minded embrace of difference,

a passion for learning, exploration and discovery. Andover

is a place for students who are bold, self-motivated,

authentic and daring.  Andover looks for applicants who will

bring their own unique, even quirky brilliance and passion

to life at the school. Admission to the school is most

selective, with 13% of its applicants gaining admission. 

Given over 70% of those applying are academically fit for

admission, qualified applicants must be prepared to

present their unique strengths, interests, talents and

passions throughout the admissions process. The extent to

which your presence on campus will enhance the experiences of others plays a major role in the selection process.


What does it mean to be an intentionally diverse, inclusive community at Andover?


Excellence is the overarching standard for everyone at Andover.  At the heart of its values, “Non-Sibi” (not for self), and “Youth from Every Quarter” (diversity) have been foundational principles upon which the school has been built. Over a decade ago, Andover became one of the only private boarding schools in the nation with 100% need-blind admission, meaning that admission of its students could be solely based on merit and not their ability to pay.  The school also prides itself on the fact that 50% of its scholars are students of color.  Priding itself on being an “intentional community”, Andover is undoubtedly the most diverse place any of its students has ever experienced.


A Place of Unlimited Opportunities


Founded in 1778, Andover is the oldest incorporated boarding school in America.  As one of the largest and best endowed, over 300 courses are offered, including eight world languages and 150 electives. The renowned Addison Gallery of American Art and Peabody Institute of Archaeology with its over 600,000 artifacts, photographs, and documents grace the campus. There are more than 200 classroom teachers, most of whom live on campus and serve in other roles as coaches, advisors, counselors, and mentors.  Successful applicants demonstrate that they are curious about everything. 


How can an applicant to Andover stand out from the crowd?


Given the competitiveness of its admissions process and depth of the pool of candidates, to stand out applicants need to give evidence of:


  • intense passion and demonstrated excellence for any constructive, interesting or noble pursuit;

  • an open, engaging, and inquisitive mind;

  • an insatiable quest for learning and experiencing something new;

  • demonstrated world-class athletic or artistic ability or potential.


What are the academic credentials of applicants admitted to Andover?


While Andover does not have a specific cutoff for grades or test scores, the admissions committee is continuously searching for exemplary and uniquely talented applicants with the potential to excel.  Therefore, on average those admitted have:

  • An average grade of “A” in their previous school year

  • SSAT scores in the 93% percentile

  • Involvement in multiple extracurricular activities

  • Demonstrated high energy and self-motivation

  • Very strong letters of recommendation

  • Intellectual curiosity


Examples of applicants with special talents at Andover would be:


  • World-class talent in the performing or visual arts

  • Exceptional skills and promise in any sport

  • Award-winning science or math student

  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial skills

  • Extensive experience in the service of others


This is just the start of the application process. For more information about the Phillips Academy Andover application process, contact us at one of the following:

Phone: +1-646-598-8174 


Phillips Academy Andover Admissions
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