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Miss Porter's School Admissions

Miss Porter's School Admissions Guidance


What is Miss Porter’s School Looking for?


A part of the mission statement for Miss Porter’s School is

“…We expect our graduates to shape a changing world.” 

Porter’s seeks students who are serious about their

academics as well as an extra-curricular activity

(or activities) that are meaningful to them.  With the

school’s dynamic, rigorous approach to education, they

are preparing girls to expand their minds and grow into

socially engaged, confident, young women.  Porter’s

looks for well rounded applicants who can highlight their

interests, the activities that they are interested in and what

kind of impact they hope to leave.  Students who love

school and love learning.  Students who are deeply invested in their communities, dream big and think broadly.


How can you stand out to Miss Porter’s School?


Your academic record is extremely important.  How have you done in your classes?  What do your teachers have to say about your contribution to that class?  Your personal profile is also very important.  Please take the time to share your story and how the school can contribute to your growth. 


Diversity at Miss Porter’s School


  • 30% of students identify as students of color

  • Porter’s student body comes from 20 states and 29 countries

  • 34% of students receive need-based financial aid


Examples of applicants with special talents at Miss Porter’s School would be:


  • Award-winning writer

  • Captain of an athletic team

  • Talented actor or artist

  • A leader in community service


For more information about the Miss Porter's School application process, contact us at one of the following:

Phone: +1-646-598-8174


Miss Porter's School Admissions
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