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Ivy League Admissions Consultants

Admission into Ivy League universities can be a stressful and sometimes confusing experience which is why our team at Solomon Admissions Consulting is proud to provide you with the information and guidance to get you accepted. 

We have worked with all 8 Ivy League schools across the country, including:


Our consultants are all former admissions officers for the top schools across the United States and focus on employing a team-based, knowledge-sharing approach by sharing admission insights with students.


Sharing what we know in the college admission community gives our clients the largest advantage possible.


Additionally, there are multiple prerequisites that applicants must meet before setting their hopes on admission into an Ivy League university - these include all A’s in high school with 99th percentile test scores on the SAT, SAT II and ACT, independent academic projects outside of the classroom, and extreme angularity in their extracurricular profiles.


Curious if you meet those Ivy League requirements? Contact us today!

Ivy League College Consultants

What many students may not be aware of is the in-depth Ivy League application process required for acceptance into the top-tier schools.


These requirements include a targeted personal statement, the right choice of major, customized supplemental essays, substantive recommendations, admission interviews, and a smart strategy for waitlists.

Our consultants take pride in providing pre-application coaching to students from grades 8-11 with coaching services that are meant to maximize students’ extracurricular and intellectual vitality profiles during the school year.


Visit our Services page to learn more about the services offered for Ivy League college admission with Solomon Admissions Consulting.

Interested in working with Solomon Admission Consulting? You can visit our contact page today to reach out and learn more about our process.

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Ivy League Acceptance Letters

We are excited when we hear one of our students has been accepted to a top university.


Our students send us their college acceptance letters, which are the ultimate reviews for Solomon Admissions Consulting.

Click Here or on the pictures below to see a sampling of our students' college acceptance letters.

Yale University Acceptance Letter
Harvard University Acceptance Letter.png
Cornell University Acceptance Letter.png
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