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Financial Aid Consultants

Our Financial Aid consultants are ready to ensure you know your options and have all the support you need to get the best possible financial aid available.

Amanda Ashley, Financial Aid Consultant

Amanda Ashley

Former Associate Director, Student Financial Planning

   Georgetown University School of Medicine

Former Financial Aid Counselor, Student Financial Services

   Georgetown University

7 Years (combined) in Georgetown University Undergraduate, Graduate, and School of Medicine Financial Aid


Amanda completed her Master’s of Professional Studies at Georgetown University in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. Amanda earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Howard University in Psychology.


Amanda has a knack for explaining complex financial aid information in simple terms for clients to understand. As a seasoned higher education financial aid administrator, Amanda enjoys easing the concern and confusion that clients might have about education funding options.


As Associate Director of Student Financial Planning at Georgetown University School of Medicine, Amanda created newsletters and blog posts to educate, equip, and increase client satisfaction. Amanda advised students daily on financial aid decisions, advocated for students to resolve concerns involving internal offices and outside lenders, and helped students budget their expenses. Amanda reviewed financial aid applications to administer $22 million dollars in financial aid awards. She presented daily to prospective students on the financial aid process and programs during the 6-month interview season in support of the Office of Admissions student recruitment.


While being a financial aid counselor for the undergraduate and graduate students at Georgetown University, Amanda communicated with students and parents daily by phone, email, and in-person to guide them through the application process, retaining financial aid awards, and resolving issues. Amanda counseled a caseload of 1,000 students on strategically planning how to finance their education. She reviewed and administered financial aid awards for proper implementation of federal regulations and university policy to remain in compliance for both Title IV funding and institutional aid.

Sarah Edelman, Financial Aid Consultant

Sarah Edelman

Former Assistant Director of Student Accounts

   Financial Aid at Northeastern University

Former Financial Aid Counselor

   Northeastern University

5 years in Northeastern University Financial Aid

Sarah holds a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Human Rights from the University of Connecticut and a Master’s degree in Public Administration (MPA) from Northeastern University. She has served in a professional capacity at Northeastern University through various roles. Most recently, she worked as the Assistant Director for Student Accounts within the Financial Aid office. Prior to this, she worked as a Financial Aid Counselor for Graduate Students at the D’Amore McKim School of Business at Northeastern.


Sarah has experience collaborating directly with students to help them navigate the financial aid process. She has provided counseling for students from a variety of backgrounds, a lot of her work has been with international students, helping them navigate higher education and finances in the U.S. Additionally, she worked closely with graduate students helping them understand the differences in the undergraduate versus graduate financial aid process. Simultaneously, she has led several project implementations designed to streamline student payment plans as well as worked on the universities tax reporting system making annual student tax information more accessible to all students.


Sarah has led many information sessions for students on navigating the financial aid process. She is passionate about ensuring that financial aid information is accessible to all students and enjoys working with students towards their higher education goals. Outside of advising, Sarah enjoys hiking with her two dogs and spending time with her family.

Jasmine King, Financial Aid Consultant

Jasmine King

Former Financial Aid Officer, Assistant Director of Admissions

   Art Institute of Philadelphia

Former Education Coordinator

   Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Former Program Coordinator

   Georgetown University

5 years at the Art Institute of Philadelphia,

2 years at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

1.5 years at Georgetown University


Jasmine has over 8 years of experience working with high school and college students in various phases of their academic careers. She brings a passion for helping students put their best foot forward and navigate the sometimes confusing waters of college admissions. Jasmine began her career in higher education at the Art Institute of Philadelphia as a Financial Aid Officer and moved to an Assistant Director of Admissions position. Here she helped students manage the admissions and financial aid process at the school. From there she moved to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital as the Education Coordinator in their medical school and supported medical students, residents, and fellows during their studies by developing a mentoring program and streamlining the interview and onboarding process. After moving to Washington, DC, Jasmine joined the graduate school at Georgetown University as the Program Coordinator to manage recruitment efforts and develop guidelines and standards for the graduate programs.

Jasmine currently works as a government contractor in their project management office where she leads diversity and inclusion efforts. She has a breadth of experience to draw from and looks forward to helping students understand their financial aid options. 

Jessica Klein, Financial Aid Consultant

Jessica Klein

Former Financial Aid Counselor

   Boston University

Former Assistant Director of Financial Assistance

   Boston University

Certified NASFAA Return to Title IV Professional. Master’s in Education, Leadership, and Policy Studies from Boston University. 2,000+ Financial Aid Applications Reviewed


Jess Klein is a financial aid professional with a combined 6 years of experience working directly with students on financial aid applications. Jess has extensive experience with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Collegeboard CSS Profile. From 2018-2022, Jess worked with Boston University’s Office of Financial Assistance, working with both prospective and continuing students in financial aid application completion, resolving FAFSA error codes, and working through the appeal for reconsideration process.


Jess has a strong understanding of both federal and institutional methodology for need-based aid applications, as well as student loans, merit aid, and outside scholarships. In addition to working directly with students, Jess has also presented financial aid training to various community-based organizations, as well as trained other staff members on financial aid processes. Jess holds a B.A. in Political Science and English, as well as an M.Ed in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Boston University.

Christine Lipman, Financial Aid Consultant

Christine Lipman

Associate Director of Financial Aid
   Tufts University
Associate Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
   Harvard Kennedy School
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
   Tufts University
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
   Simmons University

6 Years in Financial Aid
5 Years in Nonprofit College Counseling


Christine earned her BA from Carleton College and MA in Diversity and Inclusion Leadership from Tufts University. She is passionate about helping families understand the financial aid application process, make financially informed college choices, and access the funds they need to send their child to college.


Christine’s extensive background in college counseling during her time at a Boston-area nonprofit has enabled her to have empathetic and practical conversations with families about their child’s financial options for college. She has extensive experience in evaluating undergraduate financial aid applications at full-need colleges and can help families navigate the aid applications, award letters, and appeal options. She is adept at evaluating tax returns and can help families understand the impact their income, businesses, and assets will have on the financial aid they will be offered by the top colleges in the nation.

Dinah Maurelus, Financial Aid Consultant

Dinah Maurelus

Former Assistant Director of Financial Aid

   Georgetown University

Former Financial Aid Officer

   Howard University

4+ Years in Financial Aid Management

10,000+ Applications awarded

Dinah earned her BS in Global Business from the University of Maryland University College and her MS in Higher Education Administration from Southern New Hampshire University.

Dinah became a Financial Aid Officer at Howard University in 2010, where she spent three years overseeing financial aid programs for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students totaling approximately $320M annually. She ensured institutional compliance with rules, regulations, and academic policies. She consistently achieved unqualified audit opinions on the University’s annual A-133 and Financials Audits for the Student Financial Aid Cluster. At Georgetown, Dinah worked with the Department of Education and the Department of Veterans Affairs to award financial aid to first-generation college students and Veterans.


Dinah enjoys providing counseling to students and parents regarding Title IV federal funding. Outside of financial aid, she works with an international development firm to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by natural disasters.

Robin Mascharka, Financial Aid Consultant

Robin Mascharka

Former Administration at Gannon University
Former Director of Financial Aid 
Former Financial Aid Counselor at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM)
Former Financial Aid Counselor at Mercyhurst University

The financial aid experience held by Robin Mascharka, MS spans decades. Robin holds dual Bachelor's degrees in Business and Behavioral Science from Pennsylvania State University, as well as a Master of Science in Education from Mercyhurst University.

Robin excelled within numerous industries, most notably Higher Education and Entrepreneurship. While working in the field of Higher Education, Robin reconciled direct federal loans, alternative loans, and grants.  Robin has experience with undergraduate, graduate, and medical school financial aid. Robin’s years of financial aid work with students have helped them make the right decisions for meeting the cost of education.

Additionally, she has a wealth of experience in Communications, Project Management, and Direct Sales. As Financial Aid Consultant, Robin looks forward to assisting with your financial aid questions and concerns.

Tamara South, Financial Aid Consultant

Tamara South

Former Financial Aid Counselor 

   New York University

Former Financial Aid Counselor 

   Monroe College

4 years at New York University Financial Aid Office

4 years as Financial Aid Counselor at Monroe College


Offering more than 10 years of experience in financial aid counseling as well as with student accounts/bursar. Tamara’s passion is to help students receive the financial aid they deserve. Tamara is versed in completing the FAFSA and answering questions pertaining to their financial aid.


Tamara had a Bachelor's degree from Binghamton University and her Master’s degree from New York University.

John Walker, Financial Aid Consultant

John Walker

Former Systems Manager

   Mercyhurst University

Former Student Accounts Administrator

   Mercyhurst University

12 years in Mercyhurst University Student Financial Services

10 years in Mercyhurst University Student Accounts

10,000+ Students Awarded

15,000+ FAFSAs Downloaded


John earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics with concentrations in Statistics and Physics from the University of Pittsburgh.


John has worked in higher education for over 22 years. This experience has allowed him to have a comprehensive understanding of the financial aid, student accounts and internal systems processes.


His portfolio included awarding financial aid to over thousands of students, and assisting in the management and reconciliation of Institutional, Federal and State financial aid. He also has helped setup and execute the processing of FAFSAs, cost of attendance budgets, billing of tuition/fees/room/board, and the transmitting of financial aid among others.


His strong commitment to higher education along with his excellent administrative, organizational and customer service skills has allowed him to help students navigate the complex world of college financial aid and all that it entails.

Carla Whittaker, Financial Aid Consultant

Carla Whittaker

Former Financial Aid Counselor

   American University, Washington, D.C.

Former Financial Aid Counselor

   Howard University, Washington, D.C.

3 Years in American University

1 Year at Howard University

10,000 + Applications Read and Evaluated


After Carla graduated with her B.S in Social Work from Bowie State University, she worked in the industry helping clients successfully meet their life goals. With her genuine desire to help others, she began working in the higher education industry.


Carla worked at Howard University for a year in the Financial Aid Office. During her tenure, she served incoming and continuing education students and families with financial aid assistance.


Laterally, she worked at American University for 3 years serving as a Financial Aid Counselor. She counseled students and parents on the various financial aid programs; Collected and analyzed financial data on students to determine aid eligibility. She interfaced with students, lenders, donors, employers, guarantee agencies, and other constituents of the University to resolve issues. While proudly counseling her students, she sought after and attained a master’s degree in Human Resources Analyst and Management.


Based on Carla’s work and personal experience, she has a comprehensive understanding of the assistance needed for college students to successfully exceed. She understands the FAFSA application process, the appeal process for additional aid, and avenues to obtain additional funding.

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