The Solomon Employee Benefit Program

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”


Nelson Mandela

The Solomon Employee Benefit Program


Solomon Admissions Consulting, the largest college admissions consulting firm in the nation, pools the knowledge and resources of the largest team in the country of over 100 former college admissions and financial aid officers. The benefit we offer employees of our corporate partners is designed to work with students from as early as elementary school, through middle school and high school, and up until adult education. The help we provide is on navigating the challenging college admissions process, as well as preparing the best long-term plan to pay for college.


Having worked with thousands of parents on college

admissions and financial aid consulting, we understand how

stressful the process can be on your employees’ time and

mental health. The national high school student to guidance

counselor ratio is 482 to 1, and we often see parents spending

hundreds of hours during application season on helping

their children with school and college and financial aid

applications. Our goal is to help your employees navigate the

admissions process with maximum knowledge, minimal stress and

effective use of time.


Benefits of Providing College Counseling to Your Employees

The benefit we provide employees alleviates unnecessary stress and provides the following benefits for employees and for employers:

Employee Benefit Program


Increased Employee Productivity from less stress and time spent at work on their own or their children's complex college admissions process


Increased Employee Retention from having helped employees with one of the most important things in life - helping their child attend college and succeed in life.


Effective Recruiting Tool to attract the best talent. In an economy where hiring is harder than ever before, this unique benefit will stand out and attract. 

About the Program


Services for Employees

Financial Aid Planning

Identifying Merit Scholarships

Strategic Positioning Consulting

Personal Statement Assistance

Supplemental Essays Assistance

Adult Education Consulting

Extracurricular Activities Consulting

Mock Interviews Coaching

Letters of Recommendation

See our Case Studies for A/A+ Students

See our Case Studies for B/B+ Students

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Financial Aid Consulting


Our financial aid consultants, who are all former financial aid officers at universities, will work with your employees to calculate their Expected Family Contribution (EFC). They will advise your employees on opening tax-advantaged college savings accounts such as the 529 Plan. They will also advise your employees on filling out the FAFSA for federal student aid and the CSS Profile, if necessary, for institutional, need-based aid. They will advise your employees on how to successfully appeal their financial aid award if the award is insufficient.


Our consultants will advise your employees on a comprehensive list of merit scholarships at universities in which their children or they themselves may be interested. Our students routinely earn full-tuition merit scholarships such as the AB Duke Scholarship, the Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship and the Trustee Scholarship at USC. They will also help your employees identify private scholarships in the community for which they or their children may be competitive.

Meet our Financial Aid Consultants


Our financial aid consultants have a wealth of experience in the financial aid departments of top colleges and universities across the country.

Meet our Admissions Consultants

Led by two corporate attorneys, graduates of Georgetown Law, our team of Former College Admissions Officers provides the best personalized, strategic undergraduate and graduate school admissions advice to empower each applicant to achieve peak performance. Our college admission consultants have a combined 151 years of experience as admission officers at college admissions offices and have reviewed a combined total of over 168,000 college applications.

We care very much about trust and that is why we have had our students' acceptance results reviewed by the independent accounting firm, EisnerAmper. Below is a sampling of our results. To see more of our results and the Independent Accountant's Report for the 2019-2020 Admissions Cycle, click here.

Acceptance Letters

We are excited when we hear one of our students has been accepted to a top university. Our students send us their college acceptance letters, which are the ultimate reviews for Solomon Admissions Consulting.


Click below to see a sampling of our students' college acceptance letters from the last four cycles:

Princeton Admissions Letter
Stanford Admit Letter 2020-2021

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