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College Admission Workshops

We provide intensive group seminars to high school students and their parents to prepare them for college application success. We currently offer Essay Writing and Positioning Strategy multi-weekend group seminars to students in the New York metropolitan area.  

College Admissions Workshops
College Admissions Workshops
Essay Writing Workshops


Seminar covering the elements that go into creating a compelling and memorable college essay. This seminar addresses the role of the college personal statement in making admissions decisions, common misconceptions about what constitutes good topics for essays, how to best choose an essay topic to enhance one's overall positioning strategy, how to hook the reader by showing, not telling, what the essay should convey to the reader, and mistakes that too many applicants make in their essays.


We will show you the good, the bad and the ugly using real-life examples with detailed analysis and advice by our consulting experts who have been on admissions committees of some of the nation's elite universities.

Positioning Strategy Workshops 


Seminar covering the elements that go into a strong positioning strategy. This seminar discusses the importance of positioning to enhance a student's strengths and uniqueness while minimizing his or her weaknesses. Admissions committees at elite universities look for students who are the best at one thing and tend to reject students who are bright but well-rounded. Unfortunately, most applicants make serious mistakes when positioning their own candidacy, often including a mishmash of contradicting information instead of a coherent narrative. 


This seminar addresses how elite colleges build classes and what you can do to avoid being the type of student that is overrepresented in most elite college freshman classes.

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