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Our Research Advisors

The Solomon Research Scholars Program gives high school students a chance to work one-on-one on independent research projects with a research advisor who has a PhD, is a current PhD candidate, or is a postdoc. The PhD research advisor will work with students on every aspect of the research process, including research topic selection, guidance on how to conduct the research, feedback on the research process, feedback on the outline for the research paper, and feedback on the written research paper. In addition, a technical writing editor will assist with the revision of the final draft of the student’s research paper.

Our PhD research advisors come from a wide range of academic disciplines, ranging from the natural sciences to engineering to social sciences to business to the humanities. Many of our PhD research advisors have experience teaching students in a university setting. Our PhD research advisors coordinate with the student’s college admissions consultant to help pick the best research topic to maximize college admission odds and to strengthen the student’s positioning in the college application.

Adele - Research Mentor.png


PhD Student in Learning Sciences and Technology Design

Areas of Specialization: Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Education

Adele graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 2023, majoring in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Learning Sciences and Technology Design, with her research focusing on the applications of artificial intelligence to learning tools. She's been recognized with notable fellowships for her academic excellence and contributions. During her undergraduate studies, Adele founded an educational technology company aimed at assisting students with complex needs in learning mathematics via personalized computer games and analytics. She led multiple projects in research labs dedicated to the future of learning and enhancing ability. These endeavors have earned her multiple awards for her company’s impact on the community and her innovative research, including a prestigious President's Award, an Engineering Innovation Competition award, and a Global Student Entrepreneur Association prize. In addition to her entrepreneurial and academic pursuits, Adele has interned as a Software Engineer for two summers at a prominent tech company. Furthermore, Adele has a long history of tutoring math, which began when she was in 8th grade, and has since included organizing a tutoring service for low-income students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ali - Research Mentor.png


PhD Candidate in Religious Studies

Areas of Specialization: Philosophy, Religious Studies, Near Eastern Studies

Ali is a historian with a focus on the premodern Islamic world. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in the field of Religious Studies and has earned two master’s degrees, one in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and another in Religious Studies. Ali regularly teaches courses on Islamic history.

Aman - Research Mentor.png


PhD Student in the Philosophy of Religion

Areas of Specialization: Political Science, Arab Studies, Philosophy of Religion, Linguistics

Aman is a Research Associate at a non-partisan research center. He earned his B.A. in Political Science and Arab Studies, and his M.A. in South Asian Studies with a focus on history. As a former journalist based in the Middle East and South Asia, Aman brings a vast array of global experience to teaching, admissions consulting, and mentorship. He is currently a doctoral student, focusing on the philosophy of religion, the historic encounter between Indian and Islamic philosophical traditions, and contemporary Islamic political thought. Aman has worked with over fifty high-school and undergraduate students in shaping their higher-education applications, including preparation for standardized tests (SAT, ACT, & GRE). An avid linguaphile, Aman speaks and reads Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, Hindi, and Urdu. In his free time, he can be found studying grammar, organizing playlists of different types of music, or trying different cuisines.

Ashley - Research Mentor.png


PhD Student in Anthropology

Areas of Specialization: Sociology, Anthropology

Ashley completed her B.A. in Sociology with honors and pursued a concentration in Policy Studies. Further, she earned her M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies. Currently, she is a fully funded Ph.D. student in the anthropology department. Throughout her academic career, Ashley has earned numerous award-recipient grants, including the Mellon Mays Fellowship program. With experience teaching at the K-12 level, coupled with several years of experience as a tutor and writing mentor at the university level, Ashley has developed a flexible mentorship style that can benefit students of all ages.

Caleb - Research Mentor.png


PhD Candidate in Ethnic Identity and Public Policy
Areas of Specialization: Public Policy, South & East Asian Policies, Global Health, Economics, Genetics, Bio-Chemistry

With nine years of teaching experience across various institutions, Caleb is currently a PhD Candidate, studying the intersection of ethnic identity and public policy. Caleb has extensive experience in higher education, including roles as a student, staff member, and faculty. As an undergraduate, he pursued a triple major in International Relations, Politics, and Biochemistry, Cell, and Molecular Biology, also minoring in Chemistry. In this period, he served as a writing tutor and business writing coach, and was a member of the teaching staff in the first-year seminar program. Upon completing his undergraduate studies, Caleb spent two years in southern China, teaching first- and second-year undergraduate courses that varied from introductory writing to directing a women’s choir. He also held a deputy directorship for international staff and taught elective night courses open to both graduate and undergraduate students. Returning to the United States, Caleb pursued his Master’s in International Peace and Conflict Resolution, completed in 2018. During his studies, he worked across various roles including alumni relations, graduate admissions, and faculty research. Caleb thrives when balancing multiple roles. In addition to his own teaching and research, he has served on numerous scholarship committees, is a trained dialogue facilitator, and a former musician. These experiences equip him well to guide students in discovering their interests and taking charge of their own learning.

Dahlia (Research Mentor).png


PhD Candidate in History
Areas of Specialization: History

Dahlia is a Research Advisor with significant academic and teaching experience, guiding high school students through the research process. She is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of History and a Benjamin Franklin Fellow. She also holds a Master of Arts in Arab Studies and a Certificate in Refugee and Humanitarian Emergencies, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations with a minor in Management, all received with high distinction. Dahlia's teaching experience is diverse, including roles as a teaching assistant for courses like Arab-Israeli Conflict through Literature and Film, Africa Before 1800, and Ottoman History. Additionally, she serves as an Adjunct Lecturer, where she teaches an intensive three-week language course every summer. Furthermore, she is a Faculty Instructor at a prestigious pre-college program, where she has been teaching every summer since 2015. There, she has developed and taught several college prep courses for high school students on topics such as global issues in the Middle East and South Asia, and immigration and migration in a changing world. In addition to her teaching roles, Dahlia has held various positions in academic outreach and programming. As an Outreach Coordinator for a Middle Eastern institute, she established partnerships with K-12 schools, designed and implemented faculty/teacher workshops, and developed an outreach program strategy. As a Program Director of a Center for Studies, she managed the center's operations and activities, including programming, community outreach, fundraising, fellowship admissions and management, and media/communications. Dahlia also served as a Researcher for a program focused on the Middle East & North Africa at a journalism protection committee. In her role as a Research Advisor, Dahlia excels in guiding high school students through the research process, from selecting research topics to conducting research and developing writing skills to produce high-quality, college-level research papers.

Emily - Research Mentor (1).png


PhD Student in Anthropology
Areas of Specialization: Anthropology

After receiving a prestigious scholarship, Emily earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Anthropology & Sociology and Spanish. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and went on to secure a full scholarship for her Master’s Degree in the Social Sciences with a concentration in Anthropology. Currently, Emily is working towards completing her PhD in Anthropology with specializations in both Archaeology and Sociocultural Anthropology. In addition to conducting her own academic research, Emily is completing Mentored Teaching Experiences, which include teaching assistantships, coordinating undergraduate events for the Department of Anthropology, and more. Beyond academia, Emily also works as a market research consultant, managing all phases of independent projects, including research and instrument design, setup, fieldwork, analysis, and reporting. Emily finds joy in teaching and mentoring. She believes that helping others discover their passion for the craft of research and refine their analytical skills is vitally important.

Emily - Research Mentor.png


PhD Graduate in Chemistry
Areas of Specialization: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Data Science, Computer Science

Emily is a graduate with her B.S. in Chemistry and her B.S. in Psychology. She went on to receive her Ph.D. in chemistry. As an undergraduate, Emily spent two years as a tutor and mentor with a CRLA Level 1 tutoring certification, leading one-on-one and large-group sessions to help her peers build the tools necessary to succeed in a diverse array of classes. Additionally, she took part in laboratory research for her dual degrees, completing a study to optimize the catalytic degradation of atmospheric toxins with a high-school student mentee, while also researching the effects of social support and stress on college student performance and behavioral patterns. While pursuing her Ph.D. in chemistry, Emily taught general chemistry lab to over 200 undergraduate students. Here she mentored several of her students outside of class, facilitating their participation in scientific research. She personally mentored an undergraduate in her own research lab, with whom she published a peer-reviewed article in a respected journal. This facilitated his acceptance to a graduate program in Applied Physics. Along with her mentoring experience, Emily has 6 years of experience in scientific research and communication in academia, publishing 5 peer-reviewed articles with 3 more articles in the review process, which will result in 7 first-author publications. Moreover, she has collaboratively written 3 research grant proposals, garnering substantial funding, and has given talks at over 10 international scientific conferences, including Co-Moderating a national meeting. Emily’s expertise in the world of academia has provided her with a specific knowledge of the expectations required of students seeking undergraduate and graduate degrees in STEM. She is passionate about utilizing her knowledge to aid and inspire younger generations to achieve their goals.

Gregory (Research Mentor).png


PhD Student in Economics
Areas of Specialization: Economics, Mathematics, Statistics

With a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics, Gregory spent three years working as a data scientist on an economics team at a major rideshare company, focusing on various pricing-related problems. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD in Economics. Gregory is broadly interested in a variety of topics spanning behavioral, public, and industrial organization economics. His research straddles the line between theory and empirics, and he strives to develop methodologies that knit the two together, maximizing the analyst's ability to draw policy-relevant insights from data. In addition to his research, Gregory also harbors a passion for teaching statistical and economic methodology. He has mentored three generations of interns during his tenure at the rideshare company and has served as a Teaching Assistant for graduate-level economics courses.

Handrio - Research Mentor.png


PhD Candidate in Anthropology
Areas of Specialization: Anthropology

Handrio is a PhD candidate in anthropology. For over 4 years, he has assisted undergraduate students in developing their research ideas and writings. He has a broad interest in contemporary Buddhist movements in East and Southeast Asia and is currently researching one of Japan’s largest modernist Buddhist movements, viewed through the lens of ethics, materiality, and identity. Handrio holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts and an M.A. in Philosophy. His master’s thesis explores the intersection between contemporary moral philosophy and Buddhist ethics, constructing the Buddhist concept of upāya (Skillful Means) as a species of moral particularism. Beyond his academic research, Handrio is a tenor and a collector of operatic tenor voices, enjoying recordings that span from the early days of Enrico Caruso and Mario Lanza to modern artists like Piotr Beczala and Juan Diego Flórez.

Henry - Research Mentor.png


PhD Student in Economics and Public Policy
Areas of Specialization: Development Economics, Political Economy, Economic History

Henry is a PhD student specializing in Economics and Public Policy. He graduated summa cum laude and conducted extensive field research in Ethiopia, Morocco, and Liberia for various development and economic history research projects. He has also worked as a senior research assistant at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington DC, focusing on policy work and research related to the economic implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Supply-Chain Disruptions, and Inflation in emerging market economies. His current research encompasses a broad range of disciplines, including development economics, the historical determinants of inequality, international trade, and political economy.

James - Research Mentor.png


PhD Candidate in Hispanic Linguistics
Areas of Specialization: Linguistics

James is a linguist specializing in language contact in the Ibero-Romance world. He is currently a doctoral candidate in Hispanic Linguistics and has published work in a variety of peer-reviewed journals. With a commitment to education, he frequently teaches courses on Spanish and linguistics at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Jay - Research Mentor.png


PhD Student in Computer Science
Areas of Specialization: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics

Jay is a Computer Science PhD student with a research focus on wireless networks and communication. He holds a B.S in Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as a B.S in Mathematics. He has been involved in a variety of projects related to satellite networks and connectivity. Jay has also designed machine learning algorithms for satellite sensing applications.

Jiani (Research Mentor).png


PhD Student in Physics
Areas of Specialization: Physics, Biophysics, Environmental Science

Jiani is a first-generation graduate who earned her Bachelor’s in Physics. She has collaborated with several research labs, amassing both academic and industry research experience, contributing to peer-reviewed publications and abstracts, and tutoring math and physics at the undergraduate level. During her undergraduate studies, she developed various research skills ranging from data analysis to computer programming. Currently pursuing her Doctorate in Physics, she has further honed her abilities in reviewing scientific literature. Jiani is passionate about supporting the growth of students for a career in the sciences by strategically guiding students through independent research that fits uniquely to their needs.

John - Research Mentor.png


PhD Graduate in Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology
Areas of Specialization: Science and Technology

John holds a Ph.D. in Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology. He is an active researcher specializing in science and technology policy and sociology of science. His research focuses on social processes of technological innovation, governance of emerging technologies, and government research funding strategy. John has published twelve peer-reviewed research articles in journals such as Research Policy, Minerva, Futures, and the Journal of Responsible Innovation, utilizing various research methods including synthetic and analytic literature review, case studies, interviews, surveys, documentary analysis, and focus groups. During his PhD education, John gained experience instructing and evaluating undergraduate students involved in independent research projects in bioethics and futures studies. He also provided mentorship to undergraduate and graduate students in preparing applications for the U.S. National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, an award that John himself received in 2019. John takes great pleasure in guiding students through the conceptualization, design, and execution of independent and innovative research projects. His mentoring focuses on helping students develop skills in information search and synthesis, critical and analytic thinking, argumentation, and writing.

Kathryn - Research Mentor.png


PhD Candidate in Anthropology
Areas of Specialization: Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, Spanish

Kasey is a cultural anthropologist and archaeologist currently finishing her PhD in Anthropology. She also holds a BA in Archaeology and Spanish, and a MS in Historic Preservation. She studies cultural heritage, politics, and historic preservation in a rural region as part of a community-focused Heritage Preservation and Development Project. Her goal is to explore the broad uses of heritage and cultural representation through collaboration with local communities. She employs community-led and collaborative approaches to study how heritage, particularly that of Indigenous communities, is politicized, commoditized, and controlled by actors in the pursuit of power over the past. Her primary field research is a multimodal anthropological project that examines governance over heritage as well as the material legacies of colonialism and colonization.

Kieren - Research Mentor.png


PhD Student in Environmental Science, Policy, & Management
Areas of Specialization: Environmental Sciences

Kieren holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Environmental Science. During their Master's study, they led multiple studies on climate change adaptation planning and led student groups focused on environmental justice advocacy and community building. Kieren has worked in numerous research, education, and environmental policy positions at various academic institutions, nonprofits, and government institutions. They have provided research mentoring and tutoring services to high school and college students for over 8 years where they have covered a variety of STEM and social science subjects. Currently, as a PhD student, their research focuses on climate change adaptation and environmental justice with a regional emphasis. Kieren is also very engaged in fostering equitable education programs on campus, and as a first-generation college graduate has a strong passion for supporting students from underrepresented backgrounds.

Konrad - Research Mentor.png


PhD Graduate in Political Science
Areas of Specialization: Comparative Political Science and Political Economy, Tech Policy, History of Science, Public Policy, Public Administration, Science and Technology Studies (STS)

Konrad holds a PhD in Political Science and has earned multiple degrees in Political Science and Physics. His academic focus is on the comparative politics and political economy of technology regulation and governance. Konrad has taught for 10 years across political science and political economy subjects, focusing on helping students develop their ability to craft compelling arguments based on evidence. His areas of expertise include the varieties of capitalism, national models of welfare capitalism, regulation and governance, and the politics of science and technology policy. Before embarking on his PhD journey, Konrad worked in the private sector as a consultant, dealing with e-commerce data production and management. He enjoys engaging with some of the technologies he studies, including sewing, 3-D Printing, platform economy pro-sumption, and legally modifying cars.

Larisa - Research Mentor.png


PhD Candidate in Global Health and International Development
Areas of Specialization: Public Health, Bioinformatics, Data Science, Social Justice

Larisa is an interdisciplinary scholar working across fields of global health and international development. Her extensive education includes a Master of Public Health, a Master of International Policy Management, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. Larisa earned full scholarships for nearly all of her studies through competitive essay-based applications. Larisa previously worked as a Global Health Fellow and then as a Biologist, primarily focusing on research initiatives and programs for HIV Prevention in medical and laboratory settings in Southern Africa. She has been published in peer-reviewed scientific publications, and has also published informal works through blogs and other features. Before her work as a Fellow and Biologist, Larisa was a Peace Corps volunteer and worked for a year as a Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Prevention Educator and Advocate. From her varied experiences, she applies a science-informed approach to address global health and social justice issues in innovative ways. Her current PhD work is on Transnational Migrant Health and Global Governance, with a dissertation focus on Ukrainian Refugee Health and Decision Making. She also manages survey design for research projects on Enumerating Homelessness and teaches Sustainability Consulting. Larisa enjoys arts and culture, has lived or traveled in more than 50 countries, speaks Russian, and has been learning Arabic for several years.

Madison - Research Mentor.png


PhD Candidate in Spanish Linguistics
Areas of Specialization: Linguistics, Spanish, Healthcare, Molecular Biology

Madison combined her interests in healthcare and language to pursue a double major in Molecular Biology and Spanish Linguistics. In graduate school, her research interests focus on the intersection between these two fields; Madison studies second language acquisition in children with developmental disorders such as autism, specifically from a phonetic perspective. In addition to her experience developing research questions and conducting experiments as a PhD candidate, Madison has experience mentoring future generations of academic researchers. She served as an Undergraduate Scientist Mentor in a mentorship program for students. Madison also has ample teaching experience. She worked as a Teaching Associate for two years, prior to receiving the prestigious Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship for the 2022-23 academic year, with 70% of her students earning a grade of 90% or higher.

Maja - Research Mentor.png


PhD Candidate in Philosophy
Areas of Specialization: Philosophy, Gender Studies, History of Science

Maja is a PhD candidate in Philosophy and a former lecturer. Her main areas of research are metaphysics, the history of philosophy, general philosophy of science, metaphilosophy, and feminist philosophy. Her writing, including her dissertation, focuses on the challenges that pregnancy raises for metaphysical assumptions about individuality and for scientists' chosen target systems. Other interests include political philosophy, ethics, and bioethics.

Martijn - Research Mentor.png


PhD Candidate in History
Areas of Specialization: History

Martijn is currently pursuing a PhD in History. His research centers on Eastern European, American, and transnational history. He graduated cum laude and holds an MSc in International and Global History as well as two MAs. As a PhD Candidate, he has supervised dozens of successful student research projects in a wide array of historical topics, ranging from medieval Russian History to post-Civil War American History and 20th century International Relations. Martijn is passionate about teaching students the core principles of academic history and guiding them in the conceptualization and execution of exciting research projects.

Mayank - Research Mentor.png


PhD Candidate in Public Policy
Areas of Specialization: Public Policy, Human Rights, Social Justice, Environmental Studies

Mayank is a PhD candidate and a former civil rights lawyer. He holds Bachelors degrees in Law and the Arts, and two Masters degrees in Environmental and Public Policy. Mayank has also worked as a consultant for prominent international organizations. He has a breadth of teaching experience, having lectured on a number of subjects at several institutions. Mayank has many years of experience helping students gain admissions into both undergraduate and graduate programs. As a teacher, he has helped hundreds of students with writing their research papers - from helping them identify important topics for research, understanding how those topics resonate with the students' own lived experience, and producing papers that have gone on to be published in journals, as well as presented to esteemed organizations.

Melina - Research Mentor.png


PhD Candidate in Anthropology
Areas of Specialization: Anthropology, Archaeology

Melina earned her B.A. in Anthropology and her MA from a prestigious university. As an underrepresented minority in the field of anthropology, she has developed a passion for sharing her work outside of a university setting. She believes that anthropology is intriguing, informative, and easily relatable to other disciplines.

Nayere (Research Mentor).png


PhD Graduate in Computational Biophysics/Bioinformatics
Areas of Specialization: Data Science, Biophysics, Bioinformatics

Nayere is a data scientist and bioinformatician with numerous years of experience both in academia and industry. She completed her PhD in Computational Biophysics/Bioinformatics, during which she was involved in a variety of projects that resulted in several publications. Alongside her studies, Nayere served as a teaching and research assistant for five years, exhibiting a deep passion for mentoring students in their research journey. She possesses extensive experience in working with computational techniques and implementing AI solutions to enhance understanding and learning from biological and clinical data, with the goal of contributing to the study of biological systems.

Naveed - Research Mentor.png


PhD Candidate in Endocrinology and Computational Biology
Areas of Specialization: Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Computational Biology

Naveed is studying Endocrinology and Computational Biology as a PhD candidate. Prior to this, he completed his master's degree in bioinformatics and a bachelor's degree in bioengineering. Naveed also has significant experience tutoring high school students in math and writing.

Nicole - Research Mentor.png


PhD Student in Organizational Behavior
Areas of Specialization: Business, Organizational Behavior

Nicole is a doctoral student focusing on Organizational Behavior. Her research examines how leaders can create climates of safety and inclusion, where everyone feels safe to express their thoughts. Utilizing group laboratory experiments and conversation analysis methods, including natural language processing, she aims to further understanding in this field. Nicole's research has been published in renowned journals and covered by major media outlets. Nicole holds a B.A. and an A.M. degree. Before commencing her doctoral studies, she worked as a product manager for a tech startup, named as a leading startup in the Middle East for consecutive years. Nicole also has experience as a full-time researcher with a government body, and as a research associate at a behavioral lab at a well-known business school.

Orelia - Research Mentor.png


PhD Candidate in English Language and Literature
Areas of Specialization: English, Comparative Literature, Gender Studies

Oriah earned her dual BA with honors in English Language and Literature and Gender Studies. She also holds an MA in English Language and Literature and is currently completing her PhD. Her doctoral dissertation focuses on the relationship between liberal politics and Victorian fiction. Oriah currently serves as a Teaching Fellow where she has taught twelve courses to undergraduate students of all majors. These include introductory college writing and specialized courses on topics such as literature and technology, food studies, film and visual studies, and gender studies. She has received distinction for ranking in the top 10% of teachers in the English department based on student course evaluations. Oriah finds it especially rewarding to help students refine their critical thinking skills and develop their voices as writers. Being able to conduct thorough research and articulate it clearly in writing is an indispensable skill that sets students up for success in their college careers and beyond. Oriah has written numerous letters of recommendation for former students who have gone on to successfully pursue graduate education in medicine, law, and other fields.

Pierre - Research Mentor.png


PhD Graduate in Microbiology
Areas of Specialization: Microbiology

Pierre earned his B.S. in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and his PhD in Microbiology with a Designated Emphasis in Computational and Genomic Biology. As an undergraduate researcher, Pierre quickly gained microbiology, molecular biology, and genetics skills and used these skills to train other undergraduate students to conduct their own independent research projects. In graduate school, Pierre developed his genomics, bioinformatics, and data science skill sets, while continuing to advise undergraduates and high school students. Pierre is a strong writer and has authored several research manuscripts throughout his career. He is excited to continue developing his mentorship experience.

Oriah (Research Mentor).png


PhD Candidate in English Language and Literature
Areas of Specialization: English / Comparative Literature / Gender Studies

Oriah earned her dual BA with honors in English Language and Literature and Gender Studies. She also holds an MA in English Language and Literature and is currently completing her PhD. Her doctoral dissertation focuses on the relationship between liberal politics and Victorian fiction. Oriah currently serves as a Teaching Fellow where she has taught twelve courses to undergraduate students of all majors. These include introductory college writing and specialized courses on topics such as literature and technology, food studies, film and visual studies, and gender studies. She has received distinction for ranking in the top 10% of teachers in the English department based on student course evaluations. Oriah finds it especially rewarding to help students refine their critical thinking skills and develop their voices as writers. Being able to conduct thorough research and articulate it clearly in writing is an indispensable skill that sets students up for success in their college careers and beyond. Oriah has written numerous letters of recommendation for former students who have gone on to successfully pursue graduate education in medicine, law, and other fields.

Qiyang - Research Mentor.png


PhD Student in Civil Environmental Engineering
Areas of Specialization: Computer Science, Computational Linguistics

Qiyang is a PhD student in Civil Environmental Engineering and also holds a second master's degree from a Computer Science department. His research focuses on implementing machine learning and deep learning technology into the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) domain. Qiyang's research goal is to develop an advanced knowledge network to support improved maintenance decision-making for bridges. He has already completed information extraction on bridge-related textual reports and images by using natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision (CV) technologies. His paper was published in the I3CE conference and was chosen as one of the top 10% papers. Throughout his academic journey, Qiyang has completed many projects related to machine learning and deep learning. For instance, he developed a convolutional neural network (CNN)-based model to predict pneumonia disease with an accuracy of 85.98%. Additionally, he developed a logistic regression-based model for movie reviews sentiment analysis, achieving a 97% AUC score. Qiyang received his first master's degree from a reputable institution, during which he completed many projects related to natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision (CV). His most challenging project was the Relational Visual-Text Attention Networks for Memex Question Answering. In this project, he and his teammates implemented a relational network with an attention mechanism, surpassing the state-of-the-art by 11% in accuracy.

Rebekah - Research Mentor.png


PhD Student in Clinical Psychology
Areas of Specialization: Gender Studies, Psychology, Religious Studies

With more than 5000 hours of research experience and over 500 hours spent on informative interviews of academics, Rebekah's experience in admissions is dynamic. She has been involved in recruitment and decision-making for university research projects and worked in a supervisory role for a summer research fellowship program, mentoring students from minority backgrounds aiming for graduate/medical school. Rebekah has also worked as a Peer Leader, applying the Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) model to nurture future leaders and academics by assisting professors or leading classes. Rebekah started pursuing Psychology and graduated summa cum laude with honors and a sole-authored undergraduate publication. She has collaborated with several universities during her gap years before successfully matriculating into a Clinical Psychology PhD program. Her thorough understanding of graduate programs, gained through numerous informative interviews with academic professionals, makes her a skilled mentor for students seeking to navigate the application process. Rebekah's main research interests are religious trauma, intersectionality, and epistemic injustice. She is an interdisciplinary scholar with special attention on Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, focusing particularly on studying trauma experienced by LGBTQIA2S+ individuals and communities from an intersectional social-justice/health-equity perspective. She is also a co-founder of a research collective focused on religious trauma. Her insights on research and its applications are current and offer a clear understanding of what an excellent "fit" for a research/mentor/program/university might look like for students.

Victor - Research Mentor.png


PhD Student in Computer Science
Areas of Specialization: Computer Science, Robotics

After completing both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Computer Science, Victor briefly worked as a software engineer at a prominent tech company before deciding to further his academic career by pursuing a PhD in Computer Science. Victor is an experienced educator and tutor, having guided high school and college students in a range of subjects, from physics, math, and Spanish, to astronomy and computer science. His research interests lie in the realm of motion planning for robotics and high-performance computation.

Young Student in Library

Available Disciplines

Available academic disciplines that our PhD research advisors can help students conduct research projects in include:

  • Aerospace Engineering 

  • African American Studies

  • American Studies

  • Anthropology

  • Archaeology

  • Architecture

  • Art History

  • Astronomy

  • Astrophysical Sciences

  • Biochemistry

  • Biology

  • Biomedical Engineering

  • Business

  • Chemical and Biological Engineering

  • Chemistry

  • Civil Engineering

  • Classics

  • Cognitive Science

  • Communication

  • Comparative Literature

  • Computer Science

  • East Asian Studies

  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

  • Economics

  • Education

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • English

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Environmental Science

  • Environmental Studies

  • Film and Media Studies

  • Finance

  • French

  • Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies 

  • Geosciences

  • German

  • History

  • Human Rights

  • Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

  • International Relations

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Linguistics

  • Materials Science and Engineering

  • Mathematics

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Music

  • Music History

  • Near Eastern Studies

  • Neuroscience

  • Philosophy

  • Physics

  • Political Science

  • Psychology

  • Public Policy

  • Religion

  • Slavic Languages and Literature

  • Sociology

  • Spanish

  • Statistics

  • Theater Studies

  • Urban Studies

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