The Ivy League Academic Index Explained

There is a great deal of confusion about the “Academic Index” used in the Ivy League and what it means and how it’s applied. We asked our admissions officers to shed some light on this important matter in Ivy League admissions. Here are some facts: Within the Ivy League, the Academic Index (AI) is used exclusively for athletes to ensure that their average grades and scores fall within a comparable range in relation to the overall applicant pool. Athletes who fall below this range would generally not be eligible for admission. The AI is a formula based on grades, class rank (if available) and test scores and is typically calculated by the college team coach. Different sports may have a diffe

4 Things You Should Do Now If You Want To Be A Recruited Athlete

Millions of high school students play all kinds of sports, but only a small percentage will become a “recruited” athlete with the possibility of earning a college scholarship. Here are some tips that might help: Start early to identify colleges you’d like to attend and reach out to the team coach. Ask him/her what positions they are looking to fill in the next year or two (depending on when you plan to enroll) and what kinds of statistics they’d like to see for a recruit in that position. Ask college coaches if they plan to be in your area and if there’s a possibility you could meet or watch you play/perform if in season. If not, ask if you can send a tape or place videos online and provi

Application Regrets to Avoid

The college application process is a very personal and unique journey. You’re often asked to look back on your past and reflect on your failures and achievements. It may often feel like you’re in it alone, which is why we asked our friends at AdmitSee to share some application regrets from successful college applicants. While everyone’s application journey will always be distinctly different, there are also many overlapping concerns. Learn from the mistakes these students from MIT, Princeton and Vassar have made: “Even though I got into the school of my choice, I really regret waiting until the last moment to submit my application. Especially since MIT does not use the Common Application and

Getting the Best College Recommendation Letters

There are two parts of most college applications that you can still influence: your essay (or personal statement) and the letters of recommendation. It might seem strange to include the letters since you don’t actually write them, or even see them, but by asking the right person(s), you can make an important impact on your application. Here are some tips: Make sure you are following the guidelines on the college application. If they require a teacher and counselor letter, be sure you have at least those two before you add any more. (And check to see if they even allow more!) If you don’t have the required letters, it can hurt your application. When asking a teacher, ask someone who knows

7 Tips for a Successful College Campus Visit

Are you planning a campus visit? Several? Visiting colleges can be fun and informative, but most students can only visit a campus once before applying. Here a few tips that can help make that visit as productive as possible. Plan ahead. Tours and information sessions can quickly fill up during the summer months. Find out if reservations are required. Even if they are not, arrive early to be sure you get in on the scheduled tour times and get seats in the sessions. Unfortunately, due to space limitations, you may get turned away or have to wait for extra sessions later in the day, which may interfere with your overall schedule. In the winter, when there are fewer visitors, the schedu

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