3 Advantages of Applying Early Decision

Early Decision is an alternative to the regular admissions process which provides you with a binding decision by early to mid-December. Once admitted, you are required to attend and withdraw all other college applications. Why apply early decision? Here are some of the advantages over regular decision: Some of the most selective colleges admit a significant proportion of their entering class through Early Decision, anywhere from a third to over half! Because colleges can “lock” them into the class, these students often have a slightly lower academic profile than for regular decision, so if you have your heart set on a college and fall within their middle 50% admit profile or better, you

Three Admission Statistics Every Student Should Know

The admission rate at elite institutions (Ivy League, plus MIT and Stanford) has gone from an average of 15.09% in 2005 to 8.13% in 2015, reflecting the reality that a student’s chances of admittance dropped by almost half in only a decade. With admissions decisions’ season in full swing, there are seemingly-endless headline about plummeting admissions rates. Stanford set a new record admitting less than 5% of applicants in 2016, and the trend of single-digit acceptance rates spreads throughout the Ivy League and other elite-caliber institutions. High school students and their parents are left scratching their heads and wondering what sort of genie they need to summon to avoid being in the

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